The global academic tutoring market, with activities encompassing individual and group mentoring, homework help, and holiday internships, has experienced significant changes influenced by technological democratization leading to a rise in the demand for private online courses. As of 2020, in the US, the sector had a majority of private educational organizations with 63% maintaining employee levels, though 25% were downsizing. The online tutoring segment notably grew by 10% annually between 2011 and 2021, reaching revenues of $1.2 billion, despite the risk of low entry barriers inviting new competitors. The market, dominated by key players like Graham Holdings Company with a corrected market share of roughly 33%, remained highly fragmented. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, alternative tutoring forms like Limitless Minds emerged, offering free, online academic and psychological support. The sector faced a shift towards augmented reality, microcredentialing, and hybrid learning systems, with an increasing emphasis on STEM subjects and an emergent demand for 'homework therapists' commanding up to $600 per hour. Geographical disparities in the US reflected varying median salaries for tutors with Alaska paying the highest and Mississippi the least. The market was loosely regulated, with few national requirements for becoming a tutor, and state-level education legislation varied. Despite a slight decline in higher education enrolments after 2010, the number of students seeking academic support continued to hold potential for market growth by targeting new student populations and incorporating digital enhancements into tutoring services..Title: Evolving Landscapes in the U.S. Tutoring Market: Driving Factors and Key Figures The United States tutoring market has witnessed a surge in demand over recent years, shaping the industry significantly. Parents, predominantly those of high school and university students, often initiate the pursuit of academic support, aiming to enhance their offspring’s educational performance. Notably, the expansion of technology has democratized access to academic tutoring, propelling a shift towards private online courses. This shift has been advantageous, providing learners with flexible and cost-effective educational resources that are easily accessible on various devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Despite the burgeoning market for digital tutoring solutions, the sector faces potential threats from peer-to-peer mentoring and after-school sessions, which present alternative avenues for student support. Meanwhile, prominent players in the industry such as Graham Holdings Company, Catapult Learning LLC, and Chancelight Inc maintain a solid presence in this competitive landscape. The U.S. tutoring market is part of the larger education sector, characterized by a majority of private institutions. This market reflects a trend of small-scale operations, with an average annual revenue for a tutoring business hovering around $600,000, according to SICCODE industry data. The market's wage bill, accounting for just under 40% of the sector's turnover, hints at human resource-intensive operations despite relatively low average salaries for industry employees. Online tutoring experienced significant growth between 2011 and 2021, with revenues increasing by approximately 10% annually to reach around $1.2 billion. Despite the potential for growth, the market remains vulnerable to new and innovative competitors due to low barriers to entry. The market is notably fragmented, with the exception of the striking presence of Graham Holdings Company, which holds a considerable market share even after adjusting for educational and non-educational activities. Outside of this heavyweight, the market is dominated by small businesses with limited resources and predominantly local influence. Globally, the private tutoring market has been booming, projected to grow at an annual rate of over 7% from 2018 to 2026, possibly reaching between $170 and $180 billion. This growth is fueled by increasing disposable incomes in Asia and the evolution of digital services. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the tutoring sector has shown resilience and adaptability. Initiatives such as Limitless Minds are a testimony to the innovative responses to the crisis. Market leaders like Kaplan, under the Graham Holdings umbrella, successfully transitioned towards online offerings though facing a notable decline in international revenue due to.### Key Players Shaping the US Academic Tutoring Landscape The academic tutoring market in the United States boasts several influential entities that have significantly contributed to the sector's growth and development. These organizations range from diversified conglomerates to specialized firms and associations that have made their mark within the industry. Below are brief overviews of some of the main players cited in the academic tutoring market. #### Graham Holdings Company Graham Holdings Company is not only one of the largest players in the market but also a diversified conglomerate that has established a solid foothold in the tutoring sector. Though its educational services constitute a substantial portion of its revenues, it operates a myriad of other businesses. Its presence in the tutoring market is marked primarily through Kaplan, a subsidiary that provides various educational services, including test preparation and tutoring for students across different educational levels. #### Catapult Learning LLC Operating as a company specializing in tutoring, Catapult Learning LLC focuses on delivering tailored solutions to help students succeed academically. It offers intervention services, professional development, and special education programs, among other educational services. Catapult Learning's emphasis on addressing the unique learning needs of each student sets it apart as a specialist in the sector. #### Chancelight Inc Another company that has established a strong presence in the tutoring market is Chancelight Inc. This organization offers a range of educational and behavioral health solutions. With its commitment to creating learning environments that foster academic and personal growth, Chancelight serves as a vital resource for students requiring additional support. #### Becker Professional Dev Corp and Think Together Becker Professional Development Corporation provides professional education for various fields, including tutoring services for those pursuing certifications and licenses in their respective professions. Think Together, on the other hand, represents one of the tutoring specialist associations, with a focus on partnering with schools to deliver extended learning programs that support educational equity and excellence. #### Other Notable Contributors Additionally, some other key players in the tutoring realm include Els Educational Services Inc, which offers English language training and cultural immersion programs, and the BELL Foundation Inc (Building Educated Leaders for Life), which provides after-school and summer educational programs. New Teacher Center and Collaborative For Educational Services are also important contributors, mainly focusing on empowering educators through professional development and support. The unique positioning of these organizations, with diverse approaches and specializations, demonstrates the multifaceted nature of the US academic tutoring market. Whether through direct student support, professional education for educators, or advocacy for equitable education, these players collectively work to enrich the academic experience for students nationwide.
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1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and presentation

The academic mentoring market covers all activities for students (primary and secondary education) aimed at enabling them to improve their academic level: private or group mentoring in specific subjects, homework help, holiday internships.

It is at the high school and university level that students make the most use of academic support and studies show that it is the parents who, in most cases, are at the origin of the initiative. A distinction is made between the client (the final recipient of the service: the student) and the applicant (the parents).

The evolution of US market for academic tutoring is driven by the democratization of technology, which has progressively led to an increasing demand for private online courses. Service providers in the industry have indeed been adjusting their offering in order to meet the changing customers’ needs, to unconventional programs available on tablets, smartphones, or laptops that provide greater flexibility and lower cost efforts to the end user.

Companies in the sector, though, have to face the growing relevancy of two alternative solutions which might compromise their positioning: peer-to-peer mentoring and after-school sessions.

The main players in the sector are the Graham Holdings Company , Catapult Learning LLC and Chancelight Inc .

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  • Répartition des organisations du secteur éducatif par type d'entreprise
  • Répartition des entreprises de l'éducation selon l'évolution de leur nombre d'employés
  • Chiffre d'affaires du soutien scolaire en ligne
  • Répartition des parts de marché du soutien scolaire
  • Répartition des parts de marché du soutien scolaire (corrigée)
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Spectacular first-quarter growth for Huntington Learning Center - 15/05/2023
  • Huntington Learning Center celebrated its 45th anniversary in June last year
  • 10% increase in tutoring requests and academic assessments completed over the past year
  • Huntington network of around 300 sites
  • First quarter 2023: 90% increase in the number of centers with average sales of $100,000 or more per month
  • By 2022, Huntington has opened six new centers and 11 of their current franchisees have opened an additional location
  • Huntington has a combined total of 126 completed and ongoing supplemental tutoring and test prep programs in school districts across the country

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Huntington Learning Center
Kaplan International English
Tutor Doctor
Princeton Review
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