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Summary and extracts

1 Market Overview

1.1 Definition and presentation

Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine and surgery that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders. Ophthalmologists are authorized to prescribe drugs to treat eye diseases, implement laser therapy and perform surgery when necessary. They can also participate in academic research on the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders. The ophthalmic market can be segmented by product (drugs and devices), disease (including glaucoma, cataract, age-related, and others), and end user (hospitals, medical institutions, research organizations, and healthcare providers).

Data on the value of the global ophthalmology market show continued growth from 2024 to 2030. It increases from $63.89 billion in 2024 to $93.96 billion in 2030. This represents a 47 percent increase over the period, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.64 percent.In recent years, many significant developments have been observed in ophthalmology for cataract, refractive, and glaucoma surgeries. An increase in well-equipped healthcare infrastructure and new drug approvals are contributing strongly to the market. In addition, the increasing prevalence of ocular disorders and growing awareness among the global population are driving market growth.

The European ophthalmology market from 2024 to 2028 shows steady growth. An increase from $10.43 billion in 2024 to $12.97 billion in 2028 is observed, representing a 24 percent increase over the period.this trend reflects an expanding market,with a CAGR of 5.60 percent. The continued increase suggests a growing demand for ophthalmology services and products in Europe, influenced by factors such as an aging population and technological advances in the field.

In recent years, the number of ophthalmologists in Italy has increased dramatically, as far as the product is concerned, the production made and sold of ophthalmic lenses has decreased by 25.6% and 16.4%, respectively .In Italy there are about15 million myopic peopleand the issue is sharply increasing, registering the highest number of cases among the very young, where more than2 out of 10 boys, as early as the age of 15, are affected. The main cause is the many hours spent in front of electronic devices, such as cell phones, PCs or tablets. It is projected that by2050 half of the world's populationcould be affected bymyopia.

1.2 An environment conducive to global market growth

Data on the value of the global ophthalmology market show continued growth from **** to ****. It increases from $**.** billion in **** to $**.** billion in ****. This represents a ** percent increase over the period, with a compound annual growth rate (***) of *.** percent. In recent years, many significant developments have been observed in ophthalmology for cataract, ...

1.3 The European market

The European ophthalmology market from **** to **** shows steady growth. An increase from $**.** billion in **** to $**.** billion in **** is observed, representing a **% increase over the period. This trend reflects an expanding market, with a CAGR of *.**%. The continued increase suggests a growing demand for ophthalmic services and products in Europe, influenced by ...

1.4 The Italian market

The ophthalmic market in Italy recorded a turnover of *** million euros in ****, *** million of which were in the retail channel (***) in the hospital channel, an overall market growth of *.* percent over ****.[***]

There are *,*** active ophthalmic specialist physicians in Italy, an increase of about ** percent from **** where **** were active [***].

The following graph ...

1.5 Imports and Exports

Foreign trade is characterized by a preponderance ofexportsover imports: Imports, exports and coverage rate: optics market Italy, ****-****, in US$ billion UNComtrade Between **** and ****, Italy showed significant growth in exports of optical products, rising from US$*,***.* million to US$*,***.* million, an increase of ** percent. Imports, while growing, increased at a slower ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Overview of demand

There are about ** million nearsighted people in Italy, and the problem is rapidly increasing, registering the highest number of cases among the very young, where more than * out of ** children, already at the age of **, are affected. The main cause can be found in the many hours spent in front of ...

2.2 Visual health

In its latest report, the World Health Organization (***) worldwide. The main diseases responsible are:

Degenerative eye diseases, mostly related to aging, are those that currently have an impressive prevalence and incidence and are now the leading causes of blindness and low vision especially in high-income countries. The main ones are:

*. ...

2.3 Developmental age survey

The study entitled "Developmental Age Prevention Questionnaire Report: ophthalmology" was published by the Trebisacce Comprehensive Institute. This report presents the results of a questionnaire administered to assess the prevention of visual disorders in developmental age. It provides statistical data and analysis regarding the prevalence of eye problems among children, highlighting the ...

2.4 Trends in ophthalmic demand

From July **** to July ****, online searches in Italy related to myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism showed distinct trends. Myopia peaked in interest in February **** (***) and followed an up-and-down trend, dropping to **.* in July ****, representing a *.*% decrease from July ****. In summary, online searches for nearsightedness and astigmatism were more frequent than those for ...

2.5 New trends in demand

New trends in ophthalmic demand are evolving rapidly, influenced by a combination of demographic, technological, and social factors, reflecting an increasing focus on eye health and the adoption of new technologies and treatments to improve the quality of vision and life.

Increasing Myopia: The incidence of myopia is increasing globally, in ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Italian market structure

Data on the geographical distribution of eye doctors in Italy show significant variation among regions. Lombardy has the highest number with *,*** physicians, followed by Lazio with *** and Campania with ***. In contrast, Valle d'Aosta has the lowest number with only ** ophthalmologists. Among the northern regions, Piedmont and Veneto show a considerable presence ...

3.2 Distribution channels

Of the retail products, **.* percent were sold in pharmacies-a positive performance of * percent over the previous year-while *.* percent were dispensed in parapharmacies and *.* percent by large-scale retail trade (***).

In the retail market, artificial tears sold the most with ***.* million euros in sales, followed by eye supplements at **.* million. While, among ethical ...

3.3 The main players in the market

The main ophthalmic clinics are as follows:

Vista Vision Group: It is a leader in private ophthalmology in Italy, with a network of clinics specializing in laser refractive surgery and ocular microsurgery. Founded in **** in Milan, the company has expanded its presence to several cities including Brescia, Verona, Bologna, Pisa, Bari ...

4 Supply analysis

4.1 The Work of Ophthalmologists

The role of ophthalmologists can be divided into * categories:

Prevention and screening Surgery Diagnosis and treatment

In the area of prevention and screening, ophthalmologists are responsible for preventing various disorders or diseases from which patients may suffer (***) after diagnosing and treating vision defects, glaucoma, etc. Generally, ophthalmologic examinations begin with a ...

4.2 Prices

The consumer price index for eyeglasses and corrective contact lenses in Italy showed a steady increase from May **** to May ****. Starting from a value of ***.* in May ****, the index grew to ***.* in May ****, an increase of *.* percent. This positive trend reflects a steady and regular increase in prices over the period. ...

4.3 Supply analysis

Within the field of ophthalmology, the types of offerings available are varied and cover a broad spectrum of services, treatments and technologies, all aimed at improving the visual health and quality of life of patients. These can be divided into several main categories:

body { font-family: Arial, sans-serif; line-height: *.*; margin: **px; } h* ...

4.4 New supply trends

New trends in offerings in ophthalmology reflect the adoption of advanced technologies, personalized and integrated approaches, and an increasing focus on prevention and management of ocular conditions. They represent a significant evolution, driven by innovation and an increasingly patient-centered approach.


Remote Consultations: The use of telemedicine for ophthalmology consultations is ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Regulation

Regulation of the ophthalmology market is a complex topic involving various laws, regulations and industry practices aimed at ensuring quality of care, patient safety and professional integrity. In Italy, the regulatory framework is outlined by a set of national laws, European directives and regional regulations that, combined, set standards for training, ...

6 Positioning of actors

6.1 Market segmentation

table { width: ***%; border-collapse: collapse; } th, td { border: *px solid #ddd; padding: *px; text-align: center; } th { background-color: #f*f*f*; } tr:nth-child(***) { background-color: #f*f*f*; }

table { width: ***%; border-collapse: collapse; } th, td { border: *px solid #ddd; padding: *px; text-align: center; } th { background-color: #f*f*f*; } tr:nth-child(***) { background-color: #f*f*f*; } .category ...

  • Carl Zeiss Group
  • Vista Vision Group
  • Blue Eye
  • Clinica Baviera
  • Siena Eye Laser
  • Centro Ambrosiano Oftalmico
  • Neo Vision
  • Safilo Group
  • Kering Eyewear
  • Essilor Luxottica groupe

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Evolution of the number of people with visual impairment
  • Global ophthalmology market value
  • Value of retail sales of eyewear, by product
  • Frequency of eye examinations in Italy
  • Sold production of ophthalmic lenses
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Latest news

BBGR boosts Seine-et-Marne capacity by 30% to keep pace with growth in Nikon optical lenses - 30/03/2024
  • - BBGR is a subsidiary of EssilorLuxottica.
  • - The company has specialized in optical lenses for over 170 years.
  • - BBGR will increase capacity at its Provins site by 30% from April.
  • - The Provins site employs 235 people.
  • - The aim of this capacity increase is to meet strong demand for Nikon lenses, produced at Provins since 2016.
  • - Since 2016, volumes of Nikon lenses manufactured at Provins have increased 15-fold.
EssilorLuxottica passes the €25 billion sales mark - 15/02/2024
  • In 2023, the company spent 1.7 billion euros on R&D between 2020 and 2022, in particular to develop connected and/or hearing glasses. Before the summer, the company will inaugurate an optics laboratory (300 employees) in Wissous (Essonne). In the second half of 2024, its first hearing glasses will be marketed in the United States.
  • The product potentially concerns the 1.25 billion people affected by mild hearing loss.
  • To integrate a miniature hearing aid into a pair of glasses, the company acquired the Israeli start-up Nuance in 2022.
  • Its brand portfolio has expanded to include Moncler, Jimmy Choo, Brunello Cucinelli and Ferrari licenses.
  • 18,000 directly-operated stores in 150 countries, including 1,000 in France.
EssilorLuxottica integrates a hearing aid into its glasses - 09/01/2024
  • Launch of "Nuance" glasses that act as hearing aids.
  • Microphones camouflaged in the frames enable the wearer to concentrate on and amplify the voice of the person speaking
  • First equipment with virtually invisible hearing aids
  • While 1.6 billion people worldwide suffer from hearing loss, this figure is expected to rise to 2.5 billion by 2050
  • Nuance Audio glasses, which will be available in three models, will be sold by hearing aid practitioners, in EssilorLuxottica's distribution network (18,000 stores) and on the Internet.
  • Acquisition of Israel-based Nuance Hearing, which has developed a small tabletop device that amplifies sound
In the heart of the Meuse region, Essilor breaks records to produce special ophthalmic lenses - 11/08/2023
  • Essilor's SL Lab site merged in 2018 with Italian eyewear manufacturer Luxottica.
  • It employs 81 people in the special lenses production unit.
  • Each year, they produce around 80,000 ophthalmic lenses, half of which are shipped for export.
  • In France, around 1 in 1000 people suffer from extreme visual defects such as myopia or hyperopia.
  • It takes three years of compulsory training for employees to become autonomous.
  • Since the unit was set up in 2014, 300,000 special lenses have been produced.
Optics: EssilorLuxottica accumulates records - 23/02/2023
  • Optical giant's sales to grow by 13.9% in 2022
  • North America, its leading market, grew by 4% at constant exchange rates, to almost 11.5 billion euros.
  • European momentum is even stronger: +11.2% to 8.7 billion euros
  • Asia remains solid
Zeiss invests 33 million euros in the extension of its Périgny plant - 03/02/2023
  • 33 million euro investment to extend Zeiss Périgny plant
  • 14,000 m2 building under construction
  • First extension in 2020: 8 million euros
  • 2,000 m2 of office space in the new building
  • Extension will create over 300 jobs
  • Work to start in January 2023
  • Handover scheduled for January 2025

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Carl Zeiss Group
Vista Vision Group
Blue Eye
Clinica Baviera
Siena Eye Laser
Centro Ambrosiano Oftalmico
Neo Vision
Safilo Group
Kering Eyewear
Essilor Luxottica groupe

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