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The gift box market analysis indicates a clear cyclicality with a peak towards the end of the year, driven by holiday spending, and a trend towards short holiday stays. The German market specifically has seen an average spend of €108.70 per experience gift purchase, with gift box sales possibly concentrated in the more affluent southern and western regions. Online commerce expansion plays a significant role, with e-commerce Christmas sales reaching about €12.2 billion in 2017 and gross turnover of online business projected to be near €64 billion in 2018. The market is led by dominant European players like Smartbox and Wonderbox, with online platforms and local product boxes also playing notable roles. Despite the presence of significant players, the market sees challenges in distribution and customer retention, with the latter having an average duration of 6 to 15 months in France, a likely reference point for similar behaviors in Germany. There are no data post-2018 presented in the provided text; therefore, updating numerical data to post-2020 trends is not possible, and the summary relies on the available data up to 2018..Title: "Dynamic Cycles and Consumer Propensities: The German Gift Box Market Trends" The German gift box market, a segment characterized by robust seasonality and consumer habits, showcases a pattern of pronounced demand typically peaking towards year-end. Gift boxes, which encompass a range of products from beauty and wellness to gastronomy and adventure activities, reflect the cultural proclivities and spending behavior of German consumers. Historically, the gift box market gained traction in the 1990s and has since evolved into a European-dominated industry with only a few international players such as Wonderbox and Smartbox making their mark, primarily within Europe. France claims a substantial portion of the European market, estimated to be between 20 and 25% with earnings of around EUR 250 million, while Belgium stakes its presence with a market value of approximately EUR 40 million as of 2018. The German market exhibits strong annual seasonality with a substantial surge in searches for gift boxes observed towards the end of the year. Statistical insights reveal that in Germany, over 40% of annual gift box sales take place in December, mirroring the trend in France. Correspondingly, the consumer's shopping behaviour aligns with this pattern, where approximately between 35 and 40% of individuals plan to purchase gifts during the first two weeks of December and about 20 to 25% wait until the final fortnight before Christmas. Driving the market growth are several key factors including escalating Christmas expenditures, a burgeoning interest in short-stay travel opportunities, and increasing online purchasing trends. From 2011 to 2018, Christmas spending in Germany witnessed a growth of over 35%, rounding up to nearly EUR 475. Additionally, Germans have been seen to spend upward of EUR 20 billion on short vacations annually. As for online commerce, this distribution channel has experienced significant growth, both structurally over the year and seasonally, during the end-year rush. Despite the inviting trends, market entry remains challenging with instances of the successful establishment, such as Glossybox, being limited. Many startups tend to stumble over high barriers to entry, emphasizing the need for continuous innovation to keep subscribers engaged. Indeed, companies often seek to combat market seasonality through monthly subscription boxes, a diversification strategy encompassing areas from food and wine to fashion and beauty. Average spending per gift box purchase, particularly in the domain of adventure experiences, is reported to be approximately between EUR 100 and EUR 120. Furthermore, geographical and demographic considerations play a role in the market's dynamics. It.### Leading Voices in the European Gift Box Arena In the burgeoning industry of gift boxes, a few standout companies have shaped the European market and continue to innovate and dominate across various segments. Here, we take a closer look at these main players, each of whom adds their unique flavor to the gifting experience, from indulgent activities to tantalizing tastes. #### Smartbox A brainchild of the Irish market and established in 2008, Smartbox has swiftly ascended as a giant in the gift box sector. This conglomerate has expanded through strategic acquisitions across the continent, incorporating Bongo and Giftboxes in Belgium, Buyagift in the UK, La Vida Es Bella in Spain, and several others. Their portfolio is rich with variety, offering everything from weekend getaways to gourmet dining experiences. #### Wonderbox Originating in France in 2004, Wonderbox has emerged as a significant force in the gift box market, also through impressive expansion moves. With acquisitions like Vivabox in Belgium and GiftForYou in the Netherlands under its belt, Wonderbox caters to a quarter of the European market, providing a range of experiences that encompass beauty, well-being, gastronomy, and more. #### Glossybox A leader in the beauty sector, this German company revolutionized the gift box market with its monthly subscription concept starting in 2011. Glossybox sends out boxes filled with carefully selected beauty product miniatures, remaining at the forefront of consumer trends and beauty innovations. #### My Little Box Crafting more than just a collection of products, My Little Box infuses storytelling and thematic experiences into its subscriptions. Founded by Fany Pechiodat, the company emphasizes the importance of creating a narrative around its offerings, which is key in maintaining subscriber interest and loyalty. #### HelloFresh Diving into the culinary realm, HelloFresh has been satiating the appetites of food lovers by providing subscription boxes that include fresh ingredients and recipes. This Berlin-based company simplifies meal planning and brings the joy of cooking to customers' doorsteps. #### Dakotabox Under the Smartbox Group umbrella, Dakotabox contributes to the market with its range of thematic gift boxes. Straddling various interests from adventure to relaxation, Dakotabox under Smartbox's guidance has been able to leverage and expand its reach within the French market and beyond. These market leaders have each found their niche, cleverly circumventing the challenges of seasonality and distribution. By focusing on their specific segments, nurturing a strong online presence, and seamlessly
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1 Market summary

1.1 Market presentation

A gift box, or box, is a formula to be offered that allows the recipient to choose an activity or product from a catalogue . In some cases, the person giving the gift pays a certain price for the box and the recipient can then enjoy the catalogue offer he likes without having to pay anything. In other cases, the gift box contains a predefined element and the recipient does not choose what to use or have.

The gift box market is generally understood as the market for prepaid activity boxes market which make it possible to offer many activities mainly in the following sectors:

  • From the beauty and well-being
  • From the gastronomy and restaurants
  • From the stays and weekends
  • From the sport and adventure

The gift box market can also be understood as the market for monthly subscription packages whose products offered may be

  • From the food and beverages
  • From the confectionery and pastry products
  • From the alcoholic beverages
  • From the cosmetics

This study aims to focus more on the gift box market understood as the activity box market and experiment boxes.

The gift box market is also entering the market in indirect competition with gift cards without the markets being the same

The gift box market is a relatively young market, according to John Perkins, CEO of Smartbox, the sector that is only fourteen years old and there are still many opportunities for growth

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  • Amazon investments in France since 2010: Over €20 billion.

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