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1.1 Market definition

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, refers to customer relationship management. This term includes all marketing or support measures or operations aimed at optimising customer relations, building loyalty and maximising turnover or margin per customer. This includes techniques for collecting and analyzing customer data, marketing operations and support operations. CRM also designates the software allowing to manage all the information relative to the customers and prospects and all the interactions carried out with these individuals.

CRM software allows to capitalize and process customer data by centralizing information and commercial exchanges thanks to a detailed history. It is then easier for a company to control all the actions carried out on each customer or prospect file and to manage all its commercial activity by accessing detailed dashboards for example.

Since the year 2010, the global customer relationship management software market size has been steadily increasing, registering a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 21.37% from 2016 to 2020.

The Spanish CRM software market is experiencing similar growth: customer relationship management software is the second most used software by companies in Spain after ERP software. In 2019, approximately 54.2% of companies had CRM software, making this segment a very important part of the software market.

1.2 The global and European CRM market

Worldwide sales of customer relationship management (***) software World, ****-****, in billions of dollars Source: ****

CRM software represents the largest software market in the world. Since the year ****, the size of the global CRM software market has been steadily increasing, registering an average CAGR of **.**% between **** and ****. This market is even expected ...

1.3 A growing national market

Evolution of the size of the software publishing market Spain, ****-****, in millions of euros Source: ****

It is clear that the software market is gaining momentum in Spain, especially since ****. Indeed, despite a decline in the turnover of the software publishing market (***) of around **.*% between **** and ****.

This suggests that the Spanish ...

1.4 CRM software, an opportunity to overcome the Covid-19 health crisis

Employees, companies, businesses need to collaborate and that's where CRM comes in, a powerful tool that many organizations are still ignoring or not exploiting to its full potential, and this health crisis constitutes a great opportunity to develop its use.

It connects customer relationship management systems to the company's website to ...


2.1 Characteristics of Spanish companies using CRM software

In order to analyze the demand for CRM software, it is important to distinguish different uses of CRM software:

On-premise CRM solutions: This refers to software licenses purchased by a company to have the software hosted directly on the company's server. CRM solutions in SaaS mode (***) refers to a system whereby ...

2.2 Geographical distribution of demand

In order to better analyze the demand, it is interesting to have an overview of the geographical distribution of companies using CRM applications in Spain. Thus, we can see that the differences between the autonomous communities of Spain are not significant, with only ** points difference between the Community of Madrid, which ...

2.3 An improved customer relationship system thanks to social networks

To succeed in this hyper-connected environment, companies must adapt their business strategy. Social networks are becoming a key channel in customer relationship management: in order to optimize customer relations, companies must collect consumer opinions on the networks but also be ready to intervene and engage in a conversation with the ...

2.4 The dynamic SaaS solutions segment

Among all types of CRM, SaaS CRM is the most promising and dynamic. It is driving the growth of the market in Spain as well as internationally: almost **.*% of CRM spending was done in software-as-a-service (***) in ****, and it was estimated that this spending would be **% in ****. [***]

CRM in the form of ...


3.2 CRM at the heart of the software needed by companies

The choice between outsourcing and insourcing

Companies are faced with two options:

outsourcing of customer relationship management: the use of professionals who handle all stages of customer management internalization, which can be facilitated by CRM software

The choice of the software used according to the needs of the company

Some do ...

3.3 Status of CRM distribution in Spain

CRM software usage by industry Spain, period ****-****, in % Source: ****

Thus, in all sectors of the economy, CRM software is more popular for storage than for analysis. As we can see from the graph, the service sector is the sector that uses this CRM solution the most (***) in terms of using ...

3.4 The main players in the Spanish market

Source: ****

There are also a few other players on the Spanish market such as WebCRM, Pipedrive, and TeamLeader.


4.1 Software prices depend on the performance required

The prices of an online CRM can vary depending on the number of users, according to which a monthly fee will be paid to the operator. The presence of optional features added to the CRM will also vary the prices of CRM, such as the integration of web pages, tables, customizable ...

4.2 CRM software praised for its ease of use

As previously explained, the objective of CRM software is to optimize the processing and analysis of customer and prospect data. CRM allows you to create a history of all customer relationships, from the first call to the signing of a contract, including meetings, emails and presentations.

The most recent surveys (***) show ...

4.3 CRM solutions increasingly adapted and connected

A mobile offer

While CRM is basically a solution adapted to computers, it will increasingly become a mobile solution. For some time now, publishers have been working hard to offer basic mobile versions of their desktop solutions, such as Salesforce in particular with its mobile version of Sales Cloud to make ...

4.4 From CRM to social CRM: the growing importance of social networks

Traditionally, CRM (***) is unidirectional, from a brand to its market. It includes sales, marketing and support functions. It is used to attract customers and keep them coming back. It relies on information gathered on customers to better segment and target them. Social CRM is an evolution of CRM that relies on ...


5.1 European regulations and RGPD

According to Gartner, compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (***) of May **, **** should allow, among other things, to increase the budget dedicated to CRMs already containing a lot of personal data inserted over long periods of time. More than distinguishing between "sensitive" and "non-sensitive" personal data of the customer, the ...


6.1 Segmentation

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