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The sunglasses market - Spain

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1.1 Definition and presentation

Sunglasses are tinted spectacles whose main function is to reduce the impact of the sun on the eyes. As well as providing protection from the sun, they can also be corrective, correcting a person's eyesight. A must-have fashion accessory in summer, sunglasses are driven by the growing use of eyewear in general, as well as by fashion trends that encourage people to renew their existing eyewear.

Worldwide, the sunglasses market represents around 17% of the total optical market (prescription glasses, contact lenses, etc.). The market is growing fast, and French and Italian brands have a strong presence in the high-end segment. In Europe, the Danes have the highest annual expenditure on sunglasses, with an average of $35 a year, followed by the Finns ($33), the Austrians ($31) and the Irish ($26).

In Spain, the sunglasses market is significantly more important than in the majority of developed countries, thanks to a climate conducive to its use and historically high levels of tourism. In 2019, frames and sunglasses accounted for 34.7% of total optical market volumes in the peninsula. The phases of confinement and drastically reduced tourist arrivals, however, resulted in a drop in activity of over 15% in 2020, before recovery began in 2021.

1.2 A growing global market

Worldwide, sunglasses will account for **.*% of total eyewear sales in ****of total eyewear sales (***) for a total of $**.* billionand a forecast CAGR in value over the period ****-**** of *.*% [***].In ****, *** million sunglasses were sold worldwide.

In contrast to the stagnant French market, worldwide sales of sunglasses grew by*% between **** and ****. It ...

1.3 The domestic market

The optical market

The sunglasses segment is part of the optics market. In ****, the sector in Spain recorded sales of *.** billion euros, an increase of *.*% on the previous year.

Despite the recovery in ****, the sector has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels, following the collapse in consumption caused by the Covid-** ...

1.4 Foreign trade in sunglasses

Foreign trade in sunglasses is on an upward trend, despite the downturn caused by the pandemic. The pandemic has also helped to rebalance the coverage rate somewhat: from **% to **% between **** and ****.

Foreign trade in sunglasses Spain, **** - ****, in millions of dollars Source: ****

The chart above illustrates trade in sunglasses in Spain. ...


2.1 Sunshine and tourism, the main drivers of demand

In Spain, the market for sunglasses is much larger than in most developed countries, thanks to the favorable climate and historically high levels of tourism.

Plenty of sunshine

Spain is one of the sunniest countries in Europe, which makes it a great place to buy sunglasses. In fact, * of the top ...

2.2 Growing interest in sunglasses

Cyclical demand

It's natural that demand for sunglasses is greater in summer than in winter, when there's a lot of sunshine. We can gauge consumer interest in sunglasses by looking at the Google Trends index for the terms "gafas de sol" in Spain. This shows a real seasonality of demand, with ...

2.3 Sunglasses usage habits

In Spain, **.*% of the population use sunglasses frequently. Only *% never use them, and *.*% rarely. The use of sunglasses also depends on the activity and exposure to the sun's rays. For example, activities on the beach or in the mountains lead to greater use of protective lenses, while sporting activities make their ...


3.1 Value chain and production

Below is a possible value chain for the sunglasses market:

Conception and design: Sunglass manufacturers conceive and design frames and lenses according to fashion trends, technological advances and quality requirements. Manufacturing: Manufacturers produce sunglass frames and lenses on a large scale, using materials such as metal, plastic, wood or titanium. Marketing ...

3.2 Distribution

The channels preferred by Spaniards

The most popular channels for buying sunglasses in Spain are optical stores, since they offer sufficient quality and a wide range of models. Next come specialized sunglass boutiques, and finally online sales, which have seen unprecedented growth in recent years.

Which distribution channel do you prefer ...


4.1 Offer typology

The sunglasses market is characterized by a highly diversified offering. In fact, the different characteristics of sunglasses offer a number of distinctive features that are exploited by manufacturers. First and foremost, sunglasses are distinguished according to their sun protection. There are * different categories of protection:

Category *: provides no protection against the ...

4.2 Price disparity: a reflection of heterogeneous supply

The price of sunglasses varies widely, depending on the range, brand and materials used. Nevertheless, the general trend is for sunglasses prices to rise (***).

Sunglasses price trends Spain, ****-****, in euros Source: Modae The average selling price of sunglasses in Spain in **** will be **.** euros. The transition from production to distribution ...


5.1 Legislation and recommendations

The European Consumer Centre in Spain (***) reminds us of the importance of protecting our eyes from the harmful effects of the sun by wearing safe sunglasses. Recommendations are provided for the purchase of sunglasses that comply with current regulations and offer adequate protection.

It is advisable to buy sunglasses from reputable ...


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Reviews (5)

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