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1.1 Presentation and definition of the installation of telecommunication networks in the UK

  • Definitions of key words and market segmentation

An electronic communications network can be defined as any transmission or broadcast facilities and, where appropriate, other means for the delivery of electronic communications, including those for switching and routing.

The following are considered as electronic communications networks: satellite networks, terrestrial networks and the networks providing broadcasting or used for the distribution of services audiovisual communication.

There are several types of networks to consider in the market according to Futura Sciences :

  • LANs (Local Area Network), which is a communication system aiming to connect a few hundred computers and peripherals within a radius of a few kilometers. Appeared in the 1970s, the local network has grown considerably with the development of microcomputers in the 1980s and the advent of the ethernet communication standard
  • WANs (Wide Area Network), which is a network typically consisting of several heterogeneous subnets extending over a region or an entire country. This network is only used for data. For the phone, it is called a long-distance network (trunk network, toll network or long-distance network).

Another distinction needs to be done between fixed-line networks and mobile-line networks in the telecommunication industry. Moreover, residential line networks have to be differentiated from business ones.

  • Current state of the British telecommunication networks market

According to the UK Government, the UK is a world leader in superfast connectivity with more than 95% of premises covered. However, next generation Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) – or ‘full fibre’ – coverage is only 4%, where UK is lagging behind current world leaders like South Korea (c.99%), and Japan (c.97%). Mobile coverage is also improving87% of UK landmass has a 4G signal from at least one operator (compared to 78% in 2017).

Moreover, the UK Government has implemented clear objectives related to the availability of full-fibre and 5G networks in the country: 15 million premises will be connected to full-fibre by 2025 and the whole country by 2033. To achieve this, the government plans to invest more than 30 billion GBP in the coming years, according to the same source.

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