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Since 2020, the boxing and associated markets like Muay Thai and kickboxing have experienced significant fluctuations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of boxing graduates in Spain saw a sharp decline from 12,155 in 2019 to 6,692 in 2021 - a drop of 44.94%. However, Muay Thai and kickboxing demonstrated resilience and grew in popularity, with the number of practitioners rising by 41.88% over five years, reaching 12,982 affiliates in 2021. This surge was evident despite the broader challenges faced by the fitness and sports sectors during the pandemic. The increased interest in combat sports among women was noted before 2020, but the pandemic reversed this trend, with female participation in boxing falling to 15.2% in 2021.

Geographically, the sport's popularity varied across Spain with regions like Galicia, Madrid, Valencia, and the Canary Islands hosting many enthusiasts. With the easing of restrictions and the innovative use of technology in connected equipment, there is potential for recovery and growth in these markets. Despite the setback caused by the pandemic, new platforms and digital solutions are emerging, contributing to the ongoing evolution of the boxing and fitness market.

Demand for Boxing and Derivative Practices in Spain

In recent years, Spain has seen a notable surge in interest in the boxing market. While the global boxing equipment market was estimated at roughly €1 billion, we see the reverberations of this growth within Spain, where specialized boxing clubs have become increasingly popular. The Spanish boxing market, particularly after a period of robust growth, faced a steep challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this adversity was followed by a resurgence in 2021 and 2022, as the market adapted and rebounded. One of the key trends in Spain's boxing market is the diversification of boxing practices and the widespread acceptance of various derivative activities such as body combat, B3B method, Fitboxing, cardio boxing, and piloxing. Offered through gyms which witnessed an increasing attendance rate with about 13% of the Spanish population in 2022; women constituted slightly more than 20%, indicating strong potential demand for boxing-related workouts. One remarkable aspect is the feminization of boxing in Spain.

The percentage of women practicing boxing with a sports license saw a growth from around 1.4% to nearly 1.8% of the total sporting licenses issued. While Muay Thai and Kickboxing also share this trend, these sports boast a slightly higher percentage of female participants at approximately 18.9%. A shift in preference from traditional boxing to Muay Thai and Kickboxing is evident, particularly as the latter disciplines eclipsed English boxing in the number of licensed athletes for the first time during the pandemic. Nonetheless, boxing retains its stronghold in Spain, validated by an audience of over 1 million on YouTube for a single event featuring Youtubers. In terms of geographic distribution, boxing as well as its derived sports like Muay Thai and Kickboxing show regional disparities. While Galicia leads with around 17% of the country's boxing graduates, Andalusia appears more inclined towards Muay Thai and Kickboxing with over 20%. From a financial and regulatory perspective, the Spanish Boxing Federation plays an integral role despite its limited budgetary means of around €1.7 million. This budget is earmarked for promoting all forms of boxing, from professional to educational and veteran, offering growth opportunities for practitioners as well as businesses involved in the supply of boxing equipment and services. To conclude, despite facing pandemic-induced setbacks, the boxing market in Spain shows promising signs of growth and diversification. With an increasing number of participants.

Prominent Market Players in the Spanish Boxing Industry

The Spanish boxing market is comprised of a variety of participants that span from federations overseeing the sport's regulations and growth, to the manufacturers and retailers providing necessary equipment to practitioners. While the market ecosystem is diverse, certain key players emerge as central figures in the boxing world in Spain.

  • The Spanish Boxing Federation (FEB) As the Olympic federation tasked with the organization and promotion of boxing in Spain, the Spanish Boxing Federation is a cornerstone of the boxing industry. Established in 1922, the FEB offers various boxing modalities that cater to the nuances of age, gender, and personal motivation — from the fervor of professional boxing to the more pace-measured educational boxing. Registrations reveal that as of 2021, the FEB successfully continues to oversee 541 boxing clubs with a membership count of 12,982, underlining its pivotal role in the governance and expansion of boxing within the nation.
  • Manufacturers of Boxing Gear An integral part of the boxing market structure is the manufacturers that produce and supply the quintessential gear for boxers. Companies such as Paffen Sport, Buddha Sports, and Kwon stand out as notable providers of boxing equipment in Spain. They are joined by internationally renowned brands like Everlast and Venum, which have made a significant mark in the industry owing to their longstanding reputation for quality. Everlast, for example, boasts an impressive trajectory, with its roots planted deep in the annals of boxing history.
  • Retailers of Boxing Articles When it comes to retail, several prominent entities cater to the boxing equipment needs in Spain. Decathlon is one such name that stands out, operating as a one-stop shop for boxing aficionados. El Corte Inglés adds to the retail space with its extensive assortment of sporting goods, which includes boxing equipment. Prozis and Decimas SLU also contribute to this segment, offering a range of products catering to boxers of all levels. Complementing these is Amazon, which serves as a global marketplace for boxing gear, and Forum Sport Sociedad Anonima, tying up the network of suppliers that ensure boxers can access gear with ease.  

What this mapping of the Spanish boxing industry’s key players highlights is a well-structured market that supports both the operational and the consumer facets of boxing. The FEB’s role is crucial for formalizing and promoting boxing practices while equipment manufacturers and retailers like Everlast, Venum, Decathlon, and El Corte Inglés

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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and presentation of the boxing market

Boxing is a combat sport that is practiced in a ring and is limited to punches in the case of English boxing (the most widespread in the world), in which both fighters wear padded gloves. It should be noted that there are also other types of boxing more specific to each country and with different rules (American boxing, French boxing, English boxing, Thai boxing) with the possibility of using other parts of the body to hit, such as the feet or knees.

Globally, the American continent accounts for most of the demand for boxing equipment and the revenue derived from club practice. The European continent is second. The boxing market refers to:

  • Equipment manufacturers: gloves, rings, punching bags, etc. ;
  • But above all boxing clubs, which represent the vast majority of the activity.

In Spain, the practice of boxing has really taken off since 2017, as a result of the opening of more specialized fitness clubs, responding to the needs of consumers belonging to niche markets. The covid-19 crisis hit the sector hard, which had all the elements for a health ban: the practice of the sport in closed places and with contacts. A part of the practice and training was able to migrate online, with mixed success, before the relaxation of sanitary measures allowed a real return to growth in 2021 and 2022.

These clubs emphasize their uniqueness and the experience they offer, unlike the large chains that merely provide access to the facilities. The music, the classes, the ambiance, the location... the specialized clubs have their own identity and are very successful, exciting the greed of traditional fitness centers that see in them a growth relay. The Boxer Club (belonging to the Altafit group) had more than 38 locations at the end of 2020 in Spain, compared to its rival Fightland, which has 9 locations, while Brooklyn Fitboxing is having great success with a mix of classic workouts combined with boxing in short sessions.

1.2 The world market

In the absence of figures on the size of the global boxing market, the amount of boxing equipment sales by value which provides an overview of market growth opportunities.

The global boxing equipment market is estimated at €* billion ***.* million in **** (***) and is expected to grow at a CAGR of *.*% over the ...

1.3 The domestic market

The graph below shows the evolution of the number of Boxing graduates in Spain. It appears then that Boxing because of the pandemic lost many graduates. They went from **,*** in **** to *,*** in ****, which represents a decrease of -**.**%. However, a phenomenon of substitution is observed in terms of kickboxing/muaythai which ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Boxing practitioners

As for the practice of the sport in clubs, you can see in the graph below that it evolved in Spain. In ****, *.*% of Spaniards with a sports license practiced boxing at least once a year. It is then possible to see an increase in the number of amateurs which rose by ...

2.2 Muay thai and kickboxing practitioners

It stands out in Spain that the practice of Muaythai and kickboxing is becoming more and more popular every year. In ****, the FEKM(***) had **,*** members while in **** she had only *,*** affiliates, which then represented an evolution of **.** % in * years.

As for the distribution by gender, a similar distribution to boxing is ...

2.4 The sports habits of Spaniards and activities derived from boxing

Another sporting demand linked to Boxing are the activities derived from it. Here is an example of these activities:

Body Combat B*B Method Fitboxing Cardio Boxing Piloxing

Source: ****

As these activities are exercised in gyms, it is then interesting to analyze the demand that could be generated from gym-goers. You ...

2.4 Women and boxing

In the period between **** and ****, different trends can be observed in terms of the gender distribution of boxing practice. In ****, men accounted for **.*% of boxers, while women accounted for only *.*%. Over the years, it can be seen how the gender gap narrows, reaching its closest point in ****, with **% men and **% women. ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Evolution and distribution of clubs

The evolution of the number of boxing clubs in Spain experienced significant growth in recent years, although it was not a linear process. In ****, *** boxing clubs were counted in the country. Starting in ****, the number of boxing clubs began to increase significantly, reaching *** clubs. In ****, the upward trend continued and *** clubs ...

3.2 Boxing players

The Spanish Boxing Federation(***)

The Spanish Boxing Federation is an Olympic federation created in **** whose function is to organize and promote the practice of boxing in Spain. It offers different boxing modalities adapted to the age, sex and motivation of each person: professional boxing, amateur boxing, educational boxing, aeroboxing and veteran ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 The different boxings

The main types of boxing are :

English boxing, nicknamed "noble art" and included among the Olympic disciplines is the best known professional boxing. It requires basic equipment (***) and consists of an exchange of punches in the face and chest of the other opponent.

French boxing, nicknamed "savate", is very popular in ...

4.2 Boxing Prices

The price of the Boxing license :

The license granted by the FEB (***). Here are the prices proposed by the FEB:

Source: ****

The average price of the classes:

The price of a boxing class varies according to the city in which it is practiced. If at the national level the average price ...

4.3 weight category

As the choice of boxing equipment depends on the level of the boxer, but also on his weight and height, here is a summary table of the different weight categories in professional boxing (***) and also in Olympic boxing for the Paris **** games.

Source: ****

Source: ****

Source: ****

4.4 : The activities around Boxing

Activities practiced in gyms :

Body Combat. This is a cardiovascular training program inspired by martial arts. Its movements are derived from a variety of disciplines such as karate, boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi and Muay Thai.

B*B Method. It is an activity that mixes non-contact bag boxing with cycling ...

5 Regulation

5.1 Regulation

The resolution of April **, ****, defines in Spain the statutes of the FEB. The FEB must then meet the following requirements :

"(***) To qualify and organize, where appropriate, official activities and competitions at the state level.

For these purposes, the organization of such competitions is understood to refer to the regulation of ...

6 Stakeholder positioning

6.1 Segmentation

  • Decathlon Groupe
  • Nike
  • Adidas

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Size of the global boxing gloves market
  • ¿ Como los Españoles boxean ?
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  • ¿ A que edad los Españoles boxean ?
  • Distribución porcentual en cuanto al sexo en los licenciados de Boxeo
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