Turnover: 2.3 billion EUR (2021)

Country: France

  • The international Le Duff Group is one of France's leading bakery, catering and food service companies
  • It is present in the Café Bakery segment, which includes bakeries, cafés and fast-food outlets.
  • The group is also present in the food preparation, traditional foodservice and bakery-pastry segments.
  • The industrial activity represents 40% of sales, and the distribution activity 60%
  • The group has over 1,800 sales outlets worldwide
  • Its main brands and chains are:
    • Brior (37% of sales)
    • Brioche Dorée (17% of sales)
    • Pizza Del Arte (15% of sales)
    • Kamps (12% of sales)
  • In 2022, the Group acquires Frial, a major player in frozen foods and seafood trading (over 180 million in sales)


Industrial bakery: Le Duff strengthens its American branch 21/07/2022

  • The Le Duff Group positions itself as France's second-largest pastry manufacturer
  • The Rennes-based group announces the acquisition of North American viennoiserie manufacturer Lecoq Cuisine, whose activities on the other side of the Atlantic will bolster those of Bridor, Le Duff's industrial division
  • Lecoq Cuisine, founded in 1991 in New York, generates annual sales of 60 million euros and employs 250 people
  • This manufacturer of viennoiseries, brioches and filled pastries is located in Bridgeport
  • Bridor already manufactures viennoiseries, breads and other dough-based products at its two sites in Quebec, Canada and Vineland, USA
  • Investment of around 200 million euros in its North American facilities to meet the needs of local markets
  • 30% of Bridor's billion-euro annual sales are generated across the Atlantic

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