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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based writing assistants are software programs with human-like writing capabilities, enabling individuals to create, correct and edit documents while increasing productivity, creativity and quality. More specifically, an AI-based writing assistant offers the following functionality(ies):

  • Automatic generation of content: such as articles, reports, summaries and descriptions. This enables texts to be produced faster and more efficiently.
  • Grammatical and orthographic correction: detection and correction of grammatical and orthographic errors in texts. This produces more accurate, higher quality texts.
  • Semantic analysis: analyzes the meaning of sentences and paragraphs to determine the key concepts, relationships and sentiments expressed in the text.
  • Content performance analysis: assessing the quality and relevance of content in relation to the user's objectives. This enables content to be optimized to meet user expectations.
  • Content personalization : using user data to create personalized content. This helps to produce content that is more relevant to users and increases their engagement.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based editorial assistants meet many of society's expectations: time-saving, user engagement, application of AI to different sectors... Nevertheless, despite being part of the zeitgeist, these programs are a source of concern. For many, they still represent a threat to the future of work, education and the veracity of information.

Companies in the sector, on the other hand, see it above all as an opportunity for innovation. As a result, more and more companies are offering content writing services. By 2022, the global market for assistants was growing by over 26%. In November 2022, the booming market experienced a real upheaval, with the arrival on the market of GPT chat, a technology developed by OpenAI, which has already broken world records in terms of the number of users. Unsurprisingly, the USA dominates the market with a 34% share, followed by Europe and China.

Alongside their development, a number of questions arise: how can the information provided be verified? How can we detect the artificial origin of a document? How can we ensure that the models are not biased? In order to answer these questions and provide a strict framework for the use of artificial intelligence in copywriting, some countries, such as the European ones, have begun to set up a common regulatory framework. But advances in the sector are rapid, and the rules difficult to put in place.

1.2 A booming global market

The market for artificial intelligence-based writing assistants is exploding. Although still in its infancy(***), reaching over $* billion by ****.

Editorial software market World, **** - ****, in millions of USD Source: ****

This growth can be explained by the growing interest in artificial intelligence on the part of the general public and businesses alike, and ...

1.3 The US and China in the innovation race

As in many other sectors, the United States and China have embarked on a race for innovation in artificial intelligence, a sector seen as promising for both countries' economies. While the USA still largely dominates the market (***), it is facing competition from Chinese initiatives, which show a desire to establish a ...

1.4 The European market: still under-exploited potential

Europe is the second biggest player in the market for artificial intelligence-based writing assistants. This is due to the ever-increasing use of artificial intelligence in various business sectors. Around *% of European companies now integrate artificial intelligence technologies into their organization, although there are wide disparities between countries.

Companies using artificial intelligence ...


2.1 Growing interest in artificial intelligence

One way of gauging people's interest in artificial intelligence is to look at the Google Trends index. This measures the interest of Google users in searching for a particular term. So we're looking at the term "artificial intelligence" in the USA and "intelligence artificielle" in France.

We can see that since ...

2.2 Work transformation: editorial assistants, between threats and opportunities

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we work. Indeed, many models are now capable of replacing humans for arduous, dangerous or monotonous tasks. The aim of artificial intelligence is to combine the work of individuals, who will concentrate on high value-added tasks, with that of machines, which will take care of ...

2.3 Increasing demand from students

Demand is increasingly driven by students, looking for tools to help them write their assignments and essays. Indeed, thanks to their drafting, reformulation and correction capabilities, artificial intelligence-based writing assistants enable students not only to flesh out their work with new ideas, but also to save time on research and writing. ...

2.4 The French and artificial intelligence

The French are fairly critical of artificial intelligence and its benefits. A majority still see it as more of a threat than an opportunity (***). However, **% of French people believe that artificial intelligence is synonymous with greater productivity. The use of artificial intelligence in certain fields is also reassuring: health and defense ...


3.1 How an AI-based editorial assistant works

Natural Language Processing

Writing assistance software is all based on Natural Language Processing (***). NLP is a system that combines artificial intelligence with statistical machine learning models to enable machines to understand human language and to process and create texts. NLP offers a range of capabilities:

Text classification Text recognition Automatic summarization Machine ...

3.2 The companies involved

OpenAI's supremacy, a widening gap with GPT - *

With over *** million users in just * months, GPT chat software broke the record for fastest user growth, taking over from TikTok, which had taken * months to reach such a figure. Today, thanks to GPT - *.* and GPT - *, OpenAI has the wind in ...

3.3 The United States, the undisputed leader?

The USA, responsible for the majority of spending on artificial intelligence

In ****, the United States was responsible for more than half of all private investment in artificial intelligence, with $**.* billion. Clearly ahead of the pack, with China accounting for **% of spending and Europe, the third major player, accounting for just *.*%.

Worldwide ...


4.1 Offer typology

Numerous artificial intelligence (***). These content creation software packages are particularly popular with bloggers, students, web editors...

Some software programs, such as Wordtune, cannot create content from bullet points or simple instructions. They can, however, summarize long documents or reformulate entire paragraphs, while offering different tonalities (***).

Other programs, such as Grammarly or ...

4.2 SEO development thanks to AI-based writing assistants

Many copywriting software programs use artificial intelligence to provide SEO advice.

Why take an interest in SEO?

SEO(***) search results of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo... The aim of SEO is to improve a website's visibility in search results for relevant keywords related to its content. This system relies ...

4.3 Subscription model dominates

Most writing software works on a subscription basis. A free trial is available (***), and then the platforms offer different subscriptions depending on the rate of use. Prices generally range from $** to $*** per month, but there are also completely free options and top-of-the-range packages with more features.

Source: ****

Most software packages also ...


5.1 The regulatory framework, mostly European

The global framework for artificial intelligence is highly complex. Indeed, the views of different powers differ. On the one hand, the United States favors innovation and competition, and proposes a very free market. On the other, Europe wishes to regulate the development of AI-based systems, in order to protect citizens and ...


6.1 Segmentation

6.2 Market assessment and market share based on traffic estimates

In order to estimate shorter-term market growth and market share, we used traffic estimates from the semrush website to assess market share in France and worldwide. We studied traffic estimates for a selection of sites:,,,,,,,, ...

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