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Country: France

Gratien & Meyer is a winery specializing in the production of fine bubbles in Saumur and champagne in Épernay.

Founded in 1864 by Alfred Gratien, the company set up its cellars in ancient tufa stone galleries on the Saumur hillside.

These stone quarries, which were used to build local monuments, were bought by Alfred Gratien, who became the owner of 20 hectares of vines and 5 kilometers of galleries.

Today, with over 150 years of tradition, Gratien & Meyer is a resolutely forward-looking company, combining expertise and innovation in the production of its fine bubbly wines and champagnes.


Increased wine production in Saumur: Gratien & Meyer from 2 to 3 million bottles/year 18/01/2020

  • The Gratien & Meyer bubbles house plans to increase production by 50% over the next five years.
  • It plans to increase its own vineyards from 35 to 100 hectares to secure its supply.
  • Currently, the company produces 2 million bottles a year, with a target of 3 million bottles a year in five years' time.
  • The company's aim is to increase international sales from 30% to 50% within five years.
  • Gratien & Meyer currently owns 35 hectares of vines and plans to acquire more land to reach 100 hectares of its own vineyards.
  • The company aims to guarantee a third of its supply from its own production.

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