Turnover: 20 million EUR (2019)

Country: France

FoodChéri was founded in 2015 by Patrick Asdaghi, Julia Vernin and David Ginat. The start-up claims to specialize in fresh food delivery in the Paris region and claims to deliver 12,000 meals per week. It intends to facilitate access to healthy and sustainable food.

Bought in 2018 by Sodexo (majority stake), the start-up has raised 7 million since its creation.

In 2018, FoodChéri notably launched Seazon, a complementary service to FoodChéri. Seazon offers a flexible, no-commitment subscription to receive weekly home-cooked meals throughout France.

In 2020, FoodChéri launched a delivery solution with returnable containers "resistant to more than 300 washes". This solution is particularly aimed at B2B customers, but is intended to apply to B2C as well.

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famileat.fr 0.32 75
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seazon.fr 0.28 87
mycuistot.com 0.26 54
labrigadedevero.com 0.13 43
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nestorparis.com 0.07 9




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FoodChéri - Committed Canteen - Fresh seasonal ingredients


Order your lunch at the office. You can pay with your meal vouchers. Fresh and tasty meals delivered to the office for your employees. Grouped delivery. FoodChéri in Meetings. FoodChéri Business offer. Types: Salads, Hot dishes, Soups.

FoodChéri - Fresh Meals Delivered - For Lunch Break


Order in a few clicks for the lunch break of all your employees. Gourmet meals made with seasonal, organic or certified ingredients. Order quickly. FoodChéri in Meetings. FoodChéri Business offer. Types: Organic, Seasonal, Vegetarian, Vegan, Healthy.

FoodChéri Business - Meals delivered at breakfast time


Enjoy Premium Delivery. Gourmet, Healthy, Delicious meals for your teams. Free delivery, in one go for your employees. Contact us for more information. FoodChéri in Meetings. FoodChéri Business offer. Types: Organic, Seasonal, Vegetarian.


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