Turnover: 13.2 million EUR (2021)

Country: France

The Feyel-Artzner family business, weakened by avian flu epidemics, was taken over by SAS Franciade in 2017, with its assets and plants divided between Franciade, Salpa (Société alsacienne participations agroalimentaires) and the Ville de Colmar winery (which took over the Moulin de Dusenbach estate in Ribeauville).between Franciade, Salpa (Société alsacienne de participations agroalimentaires) and the Cave de la Ville de Colmar (which took over the Moulin de Dusenbach estate in Ribeauvillé).

The Alsatian company, which has been producing for 200 years, has two different strategies for each of the two brands: Edouard Artzner is positioned in the premium segment, while Feyel, which is present on supermarket shelves, is extending its range to include ready-made meals.

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