Turnover: 451 million EUR (2022)

Country: France

Founded in 2006, Deezer is one of the world's leading music streaming companies, with 100 million playlists and 14 million active users in over 180 countries.

Deezer has set up Soundeezer, their point-of-sale public address service for professionals, to set up the equipment and then program and manage the audio content broadcast. Soundeezer is notably the sound supplier for Mac Donald's restaurants.


Deezer, a national success story. 01/07/2022

  • Created in 2007 in France under the name Webradio, Deezer is a streaming music platform.
  • Deezer was acquired by the American group Access for $300 million in 2015.
  • To expand beyond its borders, Deezer needs to convince new investors and new customers

Deezer to go public! Awaiting a major fund-raising. 16/06/2022

  • After a first unsuccessful attempt in 2015, Deezer is once again trying to jump into the deep end of the stock market.
  • The subscription music service claims nearly 30% of the market in France, but its 9.6 million subscribers account for just 2% of the global music streaming market.
  • Deezer aims to more than double its revenues by 2025.
  • Deezer's valuation would then reach 1.05 billion euros, a 23% discount since Mexican TV group Azteca acquired a stake in the company in 2020. For the time being, the company is accumulating losses, which reached 123 million euros last year on sales of 400 million euros. At the same time, the competition is stepping up its podcast launches and mood music playlist recommendations.

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