Turnover: 5.3 billion USD (2022)

Country: United States

  • Founded in 1904 in France by François Coty, the company is present in over 45 countries.
  • The main products marketed by Coty are perfumes, cosmetics, face and body care products and make-up (Rimmel, Bourjois)
  • Coty is one of the world leaders in fragrances, second in hair coloring and third in color cosmetics.

Coty operates fragrances for a large number of brands, including Adidas, Bourjois, Burbury, Calvin Klein, Chloe, Davidoff, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Max Factor, Nautica, and many other make-up and cosmetics brands.

In France, the group is divided into two entities:

  • Coty Prestige, which operates the major perfume brands
  • Coty France, which distributes make-up products to mass retailers



Coty withstands the shock of inflation 25/08/2023

  • Coty annual sales growth for 2022-2023: 12%
  • Coty sales for 2022-2023: 5.55 billion euros
  • Percentage of Coty sales generated outside the United States: over 50%.
  • Duration of Coty's partnership with Marc Jacobs Beauty: fifteen years.

Cosmetics: Coty announces strong comeback 06/07/2023

  • Coty is valued at over 10 billion euros.
  • It is Europe's number two perfume company.
  • Coty raises its sales growth forecast for 2023 to between +10% and +11%.
  • In 2022, the group generated sales of 5.3 billion euros in 125 countries.
  • The beauty market generated nearly 430 billion in revenues in 2022, with the high-end category expected to grow by 8% between now and 2027.
  • Coty holds a portfolio of fragrance brands, including licenses for several Kering Group fragrances, including Gucci; as well as Chloé, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Hugo Boss...
  • It also includes skincare (Lancaster) and make-up (Bourjois) brands.
  • The "Prestige" category dominates at Coty, and is expected to account for 63% of sales (perfumes and cosmetics).

Make-up: Coty reduces the environmental footprint of its products 23/12/2021

  • Coty (Rimmel, Bourjois) works on more natural formulas and eco-designed packaging
  • Bourjois and Rimmel will be the first Coty France brands to adopt this eco-design initiative.

Coty launches connected contactless testers 15/07/2021

  • Coty partners with Êverie to develop a contactless perfume tester.
  • Êverie: French start-up specializing in smart devices and diffusion and microdosing technologies.
  • A contactless fragrance tester that works for weeks without recharging the battery, and helps reduce fragrance loss by delivering less fragrance than a spray.

Beauty: "Coty has a real reservoir of growth" 08/11/2020

  • Coty is the world leader in fragrances.
  • Coty doubled the penetration of its digital business in one year, reaching 13% of sales.
  • Priorities for building the new Coty:
    • Remain the world leader in fragrance and a major player in make-up.
    • Develop skincare by drawing on their expertise and patents.
    • Accelerate on digital with the support of influential partners such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West.
    • Meet the demand for organic and natural products and adapt to the "clean" and "vegan" trend.
    • Develop existing licenses in different market segments.
  • Coty's luxury division leads the US market, which is the largest in the world.
  • 40% growth in make-up and skincare sales in China with Lancaster and Gucci.
  • Savings plan to save $200 million in each fiscal year until 2023

Coty back on track 06/11/2020

  • First-quarter sales: -13% at constant exchange rates, to $1.7 billion (compared with -53% in the fourth quarter)
  • First-quarter net income: $200 million (versus $52 million for the same period last year)
  • Cost-cutting plan: savings of $80 million over the period
  • Sales decline in Europe: -24% (versus -67% in the previous quarter)
  • Decline in US sales : -4.5% (vs. -51.5% in Q4)
  • Sales decline in Asia: -36.6%
  • Improvement in mass-market sales: decline limited to 10% (versus -48% in the previous quarter)
  • Luxury goods sales down 25% (versus a 73% fall in the previous quarter)
  • Reduction in net debt thanks to sale of 60% of Wella: from $8 billion to $5 billion

Coty: 20% of Kim Kardashian's cosmetics 01/07/2020

  • 2019: Purchase of a majority stake in Kelly Jenner's cosmetics company
  • Coty pays 200 million euros for 20% of KKW Beauty Kim Kardashian West

Coty takes a new turn 10/06/2020

  • Coty sales for the 2019 off-year (to June 30) of US$8.5 billion, down 8% (-3.5% organic)
  • Coty paid 600 million euros in November 2019 to acquire 51% of Kylie Cosmetics.

Coty wants to leave the hairdressing business to relaunch itself 08/11/2019

  • - Coty's professional hairdressing division accounts for 20% of its sales.
  • - This division represents 21% of Coty's sales, or $1.8 billion in annual revenues.
  • - This division ranks second worldwide in the professional haircare market.
  • - Coty hopes to make between $8 and $9 billion from the sale of this division.
  • - Since going public in 2015, Coty's share price has fallen by nearly 60%
  • - The Reimann family increased its stake in Coty from 40% to 60% in 2018, injecting $1.75 billion to support the company.
  • - In 2018/2019, Coty posted a net loss of $3.7 billion on sales of $8.6 billion, down 8% (-3.5% at constant exchange rates).
  • - Coty's objective is for sales to pick up again in 2023 with a "more solid operating margin of between 14% and 16%".

Beauty: the Reimann family wants to regain control of Coty 12/02/2019

  • JAB is ready to invest 1.55 billion euros to increase its stake in Coty to 60%.
  • The Reimann family, which owns JAB, was Coty's largest shareholder with 81.9% of the capital before its IPO in 2013.
  • The Coty group bought Procter & Gamble's beauty division for $12 billion in 2016.
  • In three years, Coty's share price has fallen by 68%.

Coty turns Amazon's Echo Show into a beauty coach 24/01/2018

  • "Let's Get Ready" - the app developed by Coty
  • Several make-up brands in the Coty portfolio recommended by the app (Bourjois, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Max factor)

In 2016, the company acquired 41 personal care brands from Procter &Gamble for $15 billion.

The group's sales are expected to reach €8.6 billion in 2019, and it employs around 20,000 people (Source: Coty)

Financial Data

DUNS: 394710552


Number of employees: Entre 250 et 499 salariés (2018)

Capital: 11 464 090 EUR

Financial Data:

Year Turnover (€) Net Profit (€) Fiscal Year End Fiscal Year Duration
2019 218 681 653 EUR 19 194 776 EUR 30/06/2019 12
2018 243 881 270 EUR 17 389 014 EUR 30/06/2018 12
2017 119 397 423 EUR -5 432 914 EUR 30/06/2017 12

Company Managers:

Position First Name Last Name Age Linkedin
Président Simone Dominici 53

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