Turnover: 23 billion EUR (2022)

Country: United Kingdom

Primark was founded in 1968 in Ireland and is part of the Associated British Foods conglomerate. Primark specializes in low-cost and fast-fashion.

Primark has a 7.5 percent share of the swimwear market in Spain, making it the second largest brand after Inditex. Its success is due to its very competitive prices.


After years of denial, Primark opens the door to e-commerce. 23/06/2022

  • Primark: king of fast fashion.
  • Strategy: order huge quantities of discounted products, which are then resold on the other side of the world.
  • Well-known for its huge stores - 6,500m2 in London, 8,300m2 in Créteil Soleil.
  • The company reduces every expense to a minimum, including minimal advertising and rent.
  • The company is highly profitable, with sales of £8 billion in 2019, in 14 countries.
  • Click & collect makes it possible to sell at a reasonable price without the cost of delivery.

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