Turnover: 338.4 million EUR (2023)

Country: France

  • The Vranken-Pommery company owns several houses, some of which date back to the 17th century, and specializes in wine estates in Champagne, Camargue, Provence and Portugal.
  • Since 1976, it has acquired a valuable heritage through the creation of Clos Pompadour, the embellishment of Domaine Pommery in Reims and UNESCO recognition of its world heritage.
  • It is also deeply committed to contemporary art, with the creation of the Domaines révélés and the works of art exhibited there.
  • Finally, the company owns wine estates such as Domaine Royal de Jarras and Château la Gordonne, which produces Cuvée Chapelle Gordonne, an exceptional cuvée destined to conquer the world.
  • Champagne sales account for 67% of total sales


Growing profits for Vranken-Pommery in 2022 30/03/2023

  • 2022 consolidated sales: €334.5 million, up 11%.

Vranken-Pommery progresses to 2022 20/01/2023

  • Vranken-Pommery Monopole 2022 consolidated sales up 11% to €334.5 million.
  • Champagne Pommery & Greno and Champagne Vranken account for 64% of Champagne sales.
  • Champagne sales in 2022: 287.7 million euros (+12%).
  • Geographical breakdown of sales: France, EU, non-EU countries.
  • Export share: 67%.
  • Resumption of post-covid activity in France in 2022.
  • Harvest 2022 up 20% on harvest 2021.
  • Sales growth in Portugal thanks to renewed tourist activity.
  • Rapid growth in sparkling wines in England, California and Camargue.

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