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Urban Canopee is a company offering solutions to combat climate change by developing plant canopies over cities. Their aim is to green cities to make them more breathable and cooler. Their mission is to create innovative canopy systems that allow cities to cool down, thanks to vegetation. The canopy systems developed by Urban Canopee improve the quality of air and life in cities, and are destined to become an integral part of tomorrow's urban planning.


Plant canopy at La Roche-sur-Yoann 23/01/2023

  • The first above-ground plant canopy proposed for the new Place des Halles in La Roche-sur-Yon.
  • Canopy developed by start-up Urban Canopée.
  • The autonomous, mobile corollas rise to 5 meters and can shade 20 m2.
  • Participatory funding campaign on Helloasso underway to complete the budget.

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