Turnover: 4.234 million EUR (2020)

Country: France

The Société Coopérative Ouvrière Provençale de Thés et Infusions (SCOP TI) was created following the closure of the Fralib factory by the Unilever group. After 1336 days of protest, the group finances part of the creation of the company and gives the machines to the former employees. The other part was raised through a crowdfunding campaign that raised nearly 400,000 euros. Scop Ti is a cooperative that reflects the employees' desire to be able to manage their company democratically. The company is therefore part of a social and solidarity-based economy, particularly through its "1336" brand of tea, which promotes the manufacture of high-quality local products that highlight the know-how of a region. The factory produces 200 tons of infusions and teas. It has the capacity to produce up to 6000 tons.

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The executive director is Marc DECUGIS, in office since 2014. (see the LinkedIn profile)