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Country: France

  • Group founded by Philippe Samuel and Stéphane Bibas
  • Owner of famous brands formerly owned by major groups and innovative brands
  • Brands Schneider, Scholtès, Millenium, Radilo, Thomson, Epilady, Sensica
  • home and personal equipment products
  • The company has numerous licensees worldwide
  • Products available in many countries


Scheider Consumer Group: Philippe Samuel defends French household appliances 30/08/2023

  • Schneider Consumer Group was founded in 1994 and now employs 140 people.
  • The company exports its brands to some thirty countries.
  • It is aiming for sales of 150 million euros by 2023.
  • Schneider Consumer Group acquired Scholtès, a household appliance brand, from Whirlpool in 2017
  • Scholtès expects sales of 6 million euros this year.
  • They have signed distribution agreements in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria
  • Schneider Consumer Group works with 350 manufacturers.

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