Turnover: 209 million (2022)

Country: Germany

Rapunzel is a renowned company specializing in the production and distribution of high-quality organic food and natural products. Since its founding in 1974, Rapunzel has taken a firm place in the organic industry and stands for quality, sustainability and social responsibility.

The company is dedicated to growing and processing organically grown food. Rapunzel works closely with organic farmers to ensure that raw materials are grown and harvested under strict organic guidelines. No synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers are used in the process. Rapunzel promotes organic farming as a sustainable alternative to protect biodiversity and provide healthy food.

Rapunzel's product range includes a wide variety of products, including nuts, dried fruits, mueslis, oils, spices, spreads, chocolates and much more. All products are manufactured with the utmost care to meet the highest quality standards. Rapunzel places great emphasis on taste, nutritional content and the use of high-quality ingredients to offer its customers an enjoyable and healthy experience.

Sustainability plays a central role at Rapunzel. The company is actively committed to protecting the environment and fair trade. Rapunzel is a member of Fairtrade and supports social projects in the growing countries. In addition, the company is committed to climate protection and strives to reduce its ecological footprint. This includes using renewable energy, minimizing waste and promoting a sustainable supply chain.

Rapunzel also operates its own Rapunzel stores and an online store to provide its customers with easy access to its organic products. Rapunzel stores offer a pleasant shopping environment with a wide selection of high-quality organic foods and expert advice from trained staff.

As a pioneer in the organic industry, Rapunzel has helped raise awareness of healthy eating and sustainable agriculture. The company prides itself on inspiring people to make conscious choices and make a positive contribution to their own health and the environment. Rapunzel is more than just an organic food producer. It is a philosophy based on the values of respect for people and nature. With its many years of experience and commitment to quality and sustainability, Rapunzel sets the standard for the organic industry and encourages people to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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