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Pulco was founded in 1973 in Marseille, France, and specializes in lemonade production. The brand emphasizes the quality of the lemons used and its authentic know-how. Pulco offers three product ranges: Pulco à Diluer, Pulco Citronnade and Pulco Citronnade Pétillante. Pulco is positioned as a refreshing, no-holds-barred beverage for every moment of the day.


Pulco withstands the transformation of the French soft drinks market 27/06/2023

  • Pulco's creation date: 1973.
  • Initial drink: lemon juice concentrate to be mixed with anisette (60% of brand sales)
  • expanded range in 2009 when acquired by: Suntory group.
  • Ready-to-eat range: new flavors such as peach, passion fruit and green apple.
  • In 2015, refocusing on lemon and a healthier, natural range with less sugar. 40% less sweet than the average drink on the market, with no added sweeteners.
  • Proportion of French people who drink Pulco: one in five.

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