Turnover: 508 million EUR (2023)

Country: France

Provalliance groups together a number of hair salon brands, most of which are established as franchises. Sales under the banner total 1.5 billion euros (vs. group sales of 508 million euros in 2023)


Provalliance, leader in hairdressing, launches in India with Franck Provost 19/02/2024

  • Provaliance, created in 2008 from the merger of the Franck Provost group with the continental European activities of the American Regis Corp,
  • The group is the world leader in hairdressing with its eighteen brands: Franck Provost, but also Jean Louis David, Saint Algue, Maniatis Paris...
  • The group has achieved sales of €500 million in 2023, and sales under its own name, including those of franchisees, are in the region of €1.5 billion.
  • Provalliance's goal is to open 200 salons in India over the next ten years.
  • Provalliance is present in some 30 countries, with 3,300 locations.
  • The group generates 70% of its sales in France.
  • The group was created in 2008 following the merger of the Franck Provost group and the continental European activities of the American Regis Corp.
  • In 2021, Provalliance was acquired by Belgian fund Core Equity.
  • In the United States, 60% of hairdressers have a status comparable to that of an auto-entrepreneur, while in France, this percentage is 15%-20%.
  • Provalliance owns a network of 250 Bleu Libellule boutiques, which generate 40% of the Group's sales.
  • Provalliance operates and develops NYX boutiques under the L'Oréal brand in France

Provalliance is a brand created by Franck Provost, which brings together several brands of hairdressing salons.

With the opening of over 200 salons in India, the Provalliance group will become the world's number one in the hairdressing sector.

The group's brands include :

  • Franck Provost
  • Jean Louis David
  • The Barber Company
  • Maniatis,
  • Saint-Algue
  • Fabio Salsa.

The group generates sales of 1.5 billion with its franchisees for a total of 17 brands. Every year, 36 million customers visit the group's salons. In 2016, Frank Provost and his family regained 100% ownership of its capital.

Over 30,000 people work in the network

march 12, 2021 - Franck Provost sells its hairdressing brands - Source(Capital)

  • Investment fund Core Equity acquires 54% stake in Provalliance
  • In 2019, the brand will generate sales of 450 million euros
  • 3200 salons in 35 countries

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