Turnover: 1 billion EUR (2021)

Country: Netherlands

Picnic is a Dutch online food distributor and one of the most successful Dutch retailers of recent years

A pure player in delivery, Picnic operates from large warehouses located on the outskirts of cities

Their vans drive around the neighborhoods they serve, and customers choose their delivery times according to when the vans pass by.

The company has set up in the north of France.


Picnic, the online supermarket app, has raised 600 million euros in a bid to conquer the French market. 16/09/2021

  • At the end of August 2021, Picnic completes a €600 million financing round.
  • Picnic's delivery drivers are expected to deliver around ten orders per hour. By June 2021, Picnic has 2,000 customers.
  • Picnic competes with traditional retailers and on-demand shopping start-ups.
  • Since April, the white electric vans have been criss-crossing the streets of Valenciennes every afternoon, making the Nord region its entry point into France.
  • For each order, a Picnic employee selects the products and places them in colored bins
  • Picnic customers can choose from 10,000 items on their app.
  • Picnic's formula is based on three pillars: real-time inventory management using software developed in-house, space optimization to facilitate operations and, above all, consolidation of logistics flows.

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