Turnover: 43 million EUR (2022)

Country: France

  • Le Comptoir de Mathilde is a delicatessen and artisan chocolate company located in Drôme provençale, France
  • Founded in 2007
  • With a surface area of 24,000m², it has four workshops to manufacture its products.
  • Le Comptoir de Mathilde is present in the retail sector in France, with more than 135 own-name stores and franchises, as well as abroad


Le Comptoir de Mathilde: sales up 35% to €43m 19/03/2023

  • Sales: 43 million euros
  • Sales growth: 35%

Le Comptoir de Mathilde: without limits? 02/03/2023

  • Founded in 2007 by Richard Fournier and his wife Marielle.
  • Head office located in Camaret-sur-Aigues, in a 24,000 m² facility.
  • Four workshops to cover the company's needs (chocolate, spreads, spirits, condiments).
  • 133 boutiques opened in France and around the world in 15 years (until 2022).
  • Target of 30 additional stores by 2026, exclusively in Europe.
  • Sales in excess of 35 million euros by 2022.
  • Management ambition: 200 stores and sales of 50 million euros by 2025.
  • Competition: Comtesse du Barry achieves sales of 20 million in the sector.

Comptoir de Mathilde doubles its network in 5 years 09/09/2021

  • Comptoir de Mathilde was created in 2007 in the Drôme region of France.
  • The network expects to reach 100 units in the next few weeks.
  • Le Comptoir de Mathilde aims to double the size of its network within 5 years, to reach 200 points of sale.
  • The chain has been open to franchising since 2012.
  • Le Comptoir de Mathilde should have 110 outlets by the end of the year, most of them run by franchise partners.
  • By 2026, Le Comptoir de Mathilde hopes to have 30 stores abroad, mainly in neighboring countries (Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain).
  • Expansion outside France will initially focus on Belgium, where 10 outlets are planned.
  • Comptoir de Mathilde has 2,400 retailers (wine merchants, delicatessens, department stores, etc.).

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