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  • Since 2016, La Fabrik Shop has been a benchmark concept store for fashion and lifestyle
  • Small-batch products with a focus on the environment, as well as a wide range of personalized, family-oriented items.


Atelier La Fabrik: production of sets for department stores and the Tour de France | -en-JosasAtelier La Fabrik: Sets for department stores and the Tour de France 11/04/2023

Simon Bézine is the owner of Atelier La Fabrik.

Atelier La Fabrik creates magical decorations for major Parisian retailers and the Tour de France.

The company moved from La Bazoche-sur-Guyonne in the Yvelines to Jouy in early November 2022.

The surface area of Atelier La Fabrik's premises has increased from 1,000 m² in Yvelines to 10,000 m² in Jouy.

Atelier La Fabrik employs around twenty people.

Employees include carpenters, locksmiths, painters, sculptors and handymen.

The company had to leave Yvelines due to its strong growth and lack of space for new orders.

Atelier La Fabrik's aim is to continue growing, but within reasonable limits, and can accommodate up to thirty people in its new premises.

The company has been in existence for ten years.

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