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Country: France

King Marcel is a company offering homemade French burgers made with the finest local ingredients selected from the best suppliers. The meat used is 100% French Label Rouge Limousine, particularly tasty and tender. Burgers are served with a selection of the finest French PDO and PGI cheeses, and fresh fries cooked in two baths. To accompany the burgers, King Marcel offers a short, regional and delightful wine list, carefully selected by sommelier Laurent Turrel.


King Marcel wants to grow 10/06/2021

  • 2020 sales: 7 million euros
  • Number of new openings in 2020: 3
  • Launch year: 2013
  • Sales decline in 2020 (compared to sector): -14% (King Marcel) versus -37% (fast food in general)
  • Current number of outlets: nearly 20
  • Target number of outlets by 2026: 40

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