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Country: France

  • Girard Sudron has been a key reference in the lighting market for over a century.
  • Its expertise ranges from the creation of the first sheaths for Edison lamps in 1894 to the state-of-the-art flexible LED filament decorative bulb in 2016
  • International presence,


Girard-Sudron aims to light up the whole of France 24/03/2023

Girard-Sudron founded in 1894 - Relocation to Romorantin in 2014

Sales in 2014: 5 million euros

Current sales: 14 million euros

Growth rate of 12-14% over the past three years

53 employees, including 26 in Romorantin

5 foreign subsidiaries, with plans to open in the United States

Paris headquarters to be transferred to Romorantin in early 2019

LED filament as flagship product

Attack on the public lighting market in recent months

Ten-month financing solution for local authorities

LEDs with a claimed lifespan of 34 years

Possibility of installing video surveillance cameras in mastheads

Recruitment of 100 agents to market products in France

Restructuring underway at Girard Sudron 11/07/2020

Here are the key figures relevant to this market study:

Girard Sudron has been in business since 1894, i.e. for 126 years.

The group currently has around fifty employees.

Sales in 2019 are €9.5 million.

Sales down 14% in 2019 compared with 2018.

Girard Sudron's main and historic market accounts for more than half of their earnings.

Fifteen jobs will be cut as part of the restructuring plan, including seven in Romorantin.

The thirty or so employees working in Romorantin are mainly in support functions (HR, accounting, etc.).

The company is counting on the maintenance of lighting for schools and public buildings to get back on its feet.

Support from regional and departmental authorities is hoped for to accompany this economic revival.

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