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Country: France

  • Famille Mary is a family business founded in 1921 by Jean Mary, a beekeeper from Anjou.
  • It was acquired by Lea Nature at the end of 2020.
  • Famille Mary produces royal jelly, honey and propolis, as well as organic cosmetics, delicacies and hygiene products based on honey.
  • The company does not disclose its sales figures. It employs 125 people and has 700 hives.

december 8, 2020 - Léa Nature takes over Famille Mary - source(Les Echos)

  • Léa Nature's holding company acquires 94% of Famille Mary shares
  • 6% still owned by the family
  • This enables Léa Nature to broaden its offering
  • Internet sales account for 50% of turnover
  • Famille Mary produces 250 tons a year thanks to its 700 beehives

november 19, 2019 - Famille Mary expands its offering - source(Les Echos)

  • The company now produces energy drinks and gels, which it sells under the Meltonic brand
  • Production of this gel has increased significantly in 5 years
  • Meltonic products are distributed in 300 points of sale
  • The company has partnerships with leading athletes who promote Meltonic products
  • Meltonic accounts for 5% of Famille Mary sales

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