Turnover: 2.7 billion EUR (2023)

Country: France

  • Breton agri-food cooperative group
  • Producer of milk (Regilait) and nutrition and health products (Laïta)
  • Approximately 6,200 employees
  • 1140 farmer members
  • 100 subsidiaries


A2S and Sovéfrais merge to form So Breizh | A2S and Sovéfrais merge to form So Breizh 01/03/2024

Even Distribution merges two companies, SovéFrais and A2S, to create So Breizh. So Breizh is based in two locations: Ploudaniel (Finistère) and Kervignac (Morbihan). The company specializes in the distribution of fresh and frozen produce. The Even Distribution cooperative relies on Krill, a network of 8 SME suppliers, including Gastronomie Service, Gel 43, Prenot Guinard and So Breizh. So Breizh has two order preparation warehouses, 7 delivery outlets and a fresh meat cutting plant. The company serves 5,000 catering and convenience store customers. So Breizh has sales of 97 million euros.

Paysan Breton's anguish over the risk of power cuts 05/12/2022

  • Even: Breton cooperative group specializing in dairy processing
  • 6.180 employees
  • Fresh products, fresh cream, butter, yoghurts, cheeses and spreads
  • Paysan Breton and Madame Loïk brands

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