Turnover: 6 million EUR (2021)

Country: France

Mutual insurance for pets


Dalma, the dog and cat insurer, has acquired a stake in Northzone. 02/06/2022

  • Dalma, the insurance company for dogs and cats, has just completed a new round of financing of 15 million euros, led by the Swedish Northzone, alongside the German Project A and Anterra Capital
  • Dalma has attracted 20,000 customers (6 million annualized premiums)
  • Its main objective: to become an all-in-one application for pet owners
  • Dalma offers fully online insurance at 5-10% less than its competitors
  • To reduce its customer acquisition costs (€100), it will rely on veterinarians
  • Its biggest French competitor, SantéVet, has raised €150 million and is already present in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

Dalma wants to slash pet health insurance prices 26/01/2022

  • Startup offers low-cost health insurance for dogs and cats
  • Dalma subscription costs 22.99 euros per month
  • Dalma to raise 2 million euros in 2021
  • AssurTech promises a responsive service, with reimbursement of all veterinary expenses "within 48 hours".
  • France's healthcare budget is estimated at 350 euros a year
  • The pet insurance market in France is expected to grow by 15% a year

Dalma, Japhy, Reglo: start-ups that want to pamper animals 03/05/2021

  • Pet insurer Dalma has raised 2 million euros and is aiming for 5,000 customers by 2023
  • 82% of French people have a pet
  • 50% of French people have pet insurance

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