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Since 2004, ATR has brought together travel professionals committed to tourism on a human scale. In order to enjoy their vacations, travelers choose trips that respect the planet and its inhabitants.

ATR has developed a system of external assessment of the commitment of travel operators who wish not only to act for responsible tourism, but also to demonstrate their commitment. Committed travel operators are therefore invited to provide proof of their commitment to responsible tourism, and to have this proof verified by a competent, independent guarantee body.

june 7, 2021 - ATR as guarantor of tourism renewal -(Boursorama)

  • The tourism sector, severely weakened by the pandemic, is forced to reinvent itself in order to survive
  • Certifications such as ATR, which promote ecotourism and responsible tourism, are meeting new customer criteria

june 18, 2021 - ATR sets goals -(La Tribune)

  • The ATR group of tour operators aims for a green and sustainable label
  • Plan for a detailed carbon footprint before planning full offsetting
  • 2025 target: 100% of customers' carbon emissions offset

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