Turnover: 1.1 billion EUR (2021)

Country: France

The Alma Group is a holding company with interests in companies selling bottled water.

Neptune, a subsidiary of the holding company, is the market leader in still water thanks to its entry-level brand, Cristaline. With plants all over France, it produces four billion bottles a year, some of which are private label.

Headquartered in La Ferrière-Bochard (Orne), the group's brands include Cristaline, Vichy Célestins, Saint-Yorre, Pierval, Chateldon, Courmayeur, Vernière and Rozana. These waters are sold in over 70 countries.

In 2008, Pierre Castel sold the Alma group to Pierre Papillaud and the Japanese group Otsuka, second only to Suntory(Les Echos)

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