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Country: Italy

ZignagoVetro is an international group specializing in the production of hollow glass containers.

The company was founded in 1950 by Mr. Gaetano Marzotto

ZignagoVetro has diversified to serve the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets.

In 1987, the company acquired Del Vivo Vetro, which became Zignago Vetro Empoli, specializing in the production of colored glass bottles for wine and olive oil.

In the 90s, ZignagoVetro became a world leader in the nail polish bottle segment and diversified its offer into the cosmetics, perfumery and food sectors.

In 2002, ZignagoVetro acquired Verreries Brosse, a company renowned for the production of bottles for the high-end perfume industry.

In 2004, ZignagoVetro created Vetri Speciali S.p.A., specialized in the production of high-end glass containers for beverages and food.

Acquisition of Huta Skla Czechy in 2011 and Italian Glass Moulds in 2022.

ZignagoVetro is one of Italy's leading producers of hollow glass containers and plays an important role on the international market.


French know-how Zignago Vetro Brosse 18/07/2022

  • Glass is becoming increasingly popular in the face of global warming.
  • The glass industry has a strong appetite for glass bottles among the millennial generation
  • Zignago Vetro Brosse, founded in 1892, specializes in glass packaging for cosmetics, perfumes and spirits.
  • Zignago Vetro Brosse is a national and international market leader in glass packaging
  • The company is located in the Bresle Valley, a 70-kilometer area where companies specialized in these fields are concentrated.

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