Turnover: 82.2 million EUR (2021)

Country: Netherlands

Dutch manufacturer of electric bicycles


VanMoof bankruptcy: McLaren Applied announces acquisition of electric bike manufacturer 06/09/2023

  • Lavoie, a subsidiary of McLaren Applied, specializes in electric transportation.
  • Lavoie to acquire VanMoof, a bankrupt Dutch bicycle manufacturer
  • VanMoof manufactures high-end electric bicycles, dubbed the "Tesla of electric bikes" .

VanMoofs saved from extinction in extremis 01/09/2023

  • VanMoof, the Dutch electric bicycle brand, went bankrupt in July
  • Lavoie, a company recently spun off from McLaren, takes over VanMoof
  • VanMoof was founded in 2009 and declared bankrupt in mid-July, despite selling 200,000 bikes at around €2,000 each
  • VanMoof had managed to raise $180 million during the Covid period
  • McLaren Applied, former owner of Lavoie, sells electric scooters starting at 1,500 euros and aims to make major inroads into the electric bike market

Electric bikes: the spectacular fall of VanMoof 19/07/2023

  • The Dutch manufacturer of electric bicycles, VanMoof, has been declared bankrupt by the Amsterdam court.
  • VanMoof had branches in several cities around the world, including Paris.
  • Prices start at 2,300 euros.
  • In 2021, VanMoof's sales amounted to 65.6 million euros, up 16.5% on the previous year
  • VanMoof's losses doubled to 82.2 million euros in 2021 and around 78 million euros in 2022.
  • Over the past two years, nearly 190 million euros have been invested in the company by investors.
  • Since its creation in 2009, VanMoof has sold some 200,000 bicycles, most of which are still in circulation in the Netherlands.
  • VanMoof had 800 employees before its bankruptcy.

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