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Country: France

Valrhona has specialized in the production of top-of-the-range chocolates for chefs since 1922.

It also forges direct relationships with its cocoa producers in 15 countries to guarantee the quality of its ingredients.

Valrhona is B Corp certified

The company has also collaborated with Sosa Ingredients, a company offering a wide range of ingredients for chefs, to create an online ingredient sales site for individuals, in support of artisans.


Valrhona is B Corp. 06/12/2021

  • Valrhona is the largest professional chocolatier to have obtained B Corporation certification
  • 3,200 companies certified B Corporation, representing 130 industries and 60 countries
  • Valrhona guarantees 100% cocoa traceability to its 18,208 producers
  • 55% of Valrhona employees are women since 2012
  • Valrhona reduced carbon emissions at the Tain l'Hermitage production plant by 57% in 2013
  • Valrhona has reduced the weight of its primary packaging by 30% and plans to help 100% of its 18,208 producers adopt agroforestry practices
  • Companies' B Corp status is reassessed every three years with increasingly stringent requirements

Valrhona supports artisans. 17/12/2020

  • Valrhona will lose around 20% of its sales by 2020.
  • 20% of Valrhona's workforce has been refocused on direct customer support.
  • The interactive A-mAp map has received over 69,000 clicks and geolocates over 4,000 artisans worldwide, including 2,800 in France (compared with 1,100 in March).
  • Valrhona generates 90% of its sales in the B-to-B (Business-to-Business) sector.
  • The company has obtained the B Corp label for its responsible cocoa sourcing.
  • 60% of Valrhona's business is international.

Valrhona for a good cause. 08/07/2020

  • Valrhona is one of 3,200 companies to have obtained B Corp certification, out of 80,000 applicants.
  • Valrhona cocoa is 100% traceable to 18,208 local producers.
  • Valrhona has reduced the carbon footprint of its Tain l'Hermitage chocolate factory by 57%.
  • Valrhona's goal for the future is to become carbon neutral across the entire value chain by 2025.
  • Another Valrhona objective is to commit all its 18,208 cocoa bean producers to agroforestry.

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