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Country: France

  • Franchised chain of stores selling fittings and accessories for pleasure boats
  • USHIP is a Breton company, founded in 1983 by Xavier Le Port, taken over in 2004 by Hervé Cuvelier, then in 2012 by Stephan Serra
  • Distributor of equipment for sail and motor yachts, through a network of over 130 independent stores in France, French overseas departments and territories (Guadeloupe), Spain, Italy and Switzerland.
  • 10,000 products, 400 network professionals
  • The USHIP catalog, distributed free of charge in stores, offers 380 pages
  • USHIP acts as central purchasing office, network coordinator (communication, marketing, merchandising) and logistics platform
  • 88 stores in France, 25 in Italy, 20 in Spain

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