Turnover: 2.5 million USD (2022)

Country: United States

Upside Foods is a pioneering cultured meat company, formerly known as Memphis Meats. Founded in 2015 by Uma Valeti, Nicholas Genovese and Will Clem, the company is based in Berkeley, California. Upside Foods is committed to creating sustainable, high-quality meat through a process that does not require the raising of animals, thereby reducing environmental impact and improving animal welfare.

The company has raised $161 million in funding from leading investors such as SoftBank Group, Norwest, Temasek, and Richard Branson. This financial support has enabled Upside Foods to invest in research and development and accelerate the commercialization of its products.

Upside Foods produces cultured meat using animal cells, which are fed and grown in a controlled environment. The result is real meat, but without the disadvantages of traditional livestock farming, such as pollution, inefficient use of resources, and animal suffering.

The company has already successfully produced various types of meat, including beef, chicken and duck, and aims to make its products accessible to a wider audience in the coming years. With its innovation and commitment to sustainability, Upside Foods aims to revolutionize the food industry and contribute to a healthier future for the planet and individuals.

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