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Country: France

  • Cooperative supermarket chain
  • Target 300 stores by 2027


Tazita, Toujust's parent company, in receivership 08/10/2023

  • The brand was founded by Fabrice Gerber.
  • The parent company, Tazita, went into receivership six months after the first store opened on March 1.
  • A further six outlets were due to open in the first half of 2023, five of them in Moneteau, Cambrai, Rivery and Lempdes.
  • Fabrice Gerber's stated objective was to open 310 sales outlets by 2027.

Tazita, the brand that wants to open 240 stores 17/03/2022

  • This retail chain is built around an original model that gives suppliers a stake in the capital.
  • Tazita plans to open its first 20 food supermarkets in September, and is aiming for 300 outlets in France within the next four to five years

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