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Country: France

Sofruce SAS is a family-run business that has been importing and exporting fresh fruit and vegetables for over 50 years.

It is particularly expert in the marketing of red fruit, and strawberries in particular

one of Europe's leading suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables.

it markets over 60,000 tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables a year throughout Europe.


"Balance in agricultural practice". 17/05/2022

  • Sofruce is a fruit and vegetable production and distribution company based mainly in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.
  • France is their main destination market, but they also export throughout Europe.
  • Their expertise focuses on red fruits, citrus fruits, and market garden crops such as tomatoes, zucchinis and melons.
  • Natural production takes place around the Mediterranean basin, from October to April.
  • Production costs have risen sharply over the last year or so, particularly for seeds, seedlings, energy and consumables.
  • For a basic product such as tomatoes, production costs have risen by over 15%.

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