Turnover: 895.3 million EUR (2022)

Country: France

Séché Environnement believes that its actions must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a leader in the circular economy
  • Offer solutions for processing the most complex wastes
  • Be able to intervene in environmental crises
  • Offer a solution tailored to each waste producer.

The company offers local authorities and businesses its expertise in waste recovery and storage. It also handles portable batteries and accumulators supplied by the eco-organizations Corepile and Screlec. The company has 40 processing sites in France, and is present in 15 countries.

The company could extend its activities to automotive batteries by employing the desulfation process, which regenerates lead batteries.

The company is listed on the stock exchange, and its main shareholders are :

  • Joël Séché (50%)
  • Caisse des dépôts et Consignations (9%)
  • NN Investment Partners (5%)


Environment: Séché presents its new battle plan 13/12/2023

  • The Group is to increase its sales to 1.2 billion euros by 2026, compared with an expected figure of between 990 and 1,000 million for 2023
  • International sales are to increase from around 27% to 32% of total revenues.
  • Takeover of Furia, a Northern Italian company specializing in the management of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste
  • Mecomer, an expert in the management of solid and liquid hazardous waste, was acquired in 2019.
  • In Southern Africa , acquisition of Rent-A-Drum, Namibia's leading waste management company
  • South Africa is one of Séché's top two foreign markets, alongside Italy.
  • The Group has recently strengthened its positions in Chile and Peru
  • The Water division generated sales of 100 million euros in France. The domestic market will account for 1.8 billion euros in sales by 2021, with subcontracting accounting for some 275 million euros
  • expanded offering in rare metals recycling

Séché Urgences Interventions strengthens its disaster response resources 26/10/2023

  • Séché Urgences Interventions (SUI) is a subsidiary of the Séché Environnement group.
  • The company is based in La Guerche-de-Bretagne (Ille-et-Vilaine).
  • The company's objective is to intervene on site in less than 4 hours, anywhere in France, 7 days a week.
  • The team is made up of 35 direct employees, supplemented by a team of 230 in-house reservists.
  • These reservists are distributed among Séché Environnement's various sites (some forty in all in France).
  • SUI's main customers are insurers, local authorities, government departments and manufacturers. 30% of the company's activities are carried out abroad.

Environment: Séché strengthens its international position 12/09/2023

  • Séché has acquired two companies, one in Italy and one in Namibia.
  • The Italian acquisition, Furia, cost around 50 million euros.
  • Furia had sales of 52 million euros last year.
  • Séché's sales in Italy are now close to 90 million euros.
  • Séché also strengthened its position in southern Africa with the acquisition of Rent-A-Run, which had sales of 7.5 million euros last year.
  • The Séché Environnement group had total sales of 530.1 million euros at June 30, up 24.3% on the previous year.
  • South Africa accounts for 10% of Séché's sales contribution, while international operations generate around a quarter of sales.
  • Séché Environnement has confirmed a "contributive" sales target of close to 1 billion euros for 2023, originally planned for 2025.

Séché optimizes its brine regeneration process 31/07/2023

  • The Séché Environnement group can now cover a third of France's bromine requirements.
  • French bromine requirements are in the order of 13,000 to 15,000 tonnes per year.
  • The group's facility is now capable of supplying around 3,900 to 4,500 tonnes of bromine per year to its customers.
  • 120 million has been invested by its specialist subsidiary Trédi between 2015 and 2023.
  • The regeneration process recovers up to 99% of the bromine originally contained in contaminated brines.

Séché, the only producer of recycled bromine 01/07/2023

  • The bromine recycling unit set up by Trédi, a subsidiary of the Séché Environnement group, is the only one of its kind in the world.
  • The Trédi plant employs 150 people.
  • Brine processing volumes have risen from 15,000 to 23,000 tonnes per year.
  • Production capacity is 4,500 tonnes of bromine per year, representing a third of French demand.
  • Trédi has invested 12 million euros in this project.
  • Trédi is now the world's fifth-largest supplier of bromine.

Séché Environnement ready to make acquisitions in France 07/03/2023

  • france's leading provider of environmental services and solutions
  • Takeover of some 100 industrial water management contracts and a network of 20 agencies from Veolia by the end of 2022
  • Sales of 895.3 million by 2022, an increase of almost 22
  • Strong demand in all its markets, both in France and abroad
  • Working on a development plan for photovoltaic energy
  • Séché Environnement invests 10% of its sales in research and innovation in order to gain expertise in the treatment of specialty gases
  • Acquisition of All'Chem, a specialist in fine chemicals

Veolia and Séché Environnement have reached an agreement to sell their water treatment business. 31/05/2022

  • Séché Environnement agrees to acquire Veolia's industrial water treatment services business for €40 million
  • The assets sold include a portfolio of contracts with industrial companies, representing annual sales of around €60 million and EBITDA of around €4 million.

Financial Data

DUNS: 306917535


Address: LD LES HETRES , 53810 CHANGE

Number of employees: 2500 ()

Capital: 1 571 546

Financial Data:

Year Turnover (€) Net Profit (€) Fiscal Year End Fiscal Year Duration
2019 12 434 447 EUR 33 387 735 EUR 31/12/2019 12
2018 12 152 145 EUR 12 461 360 EUR 31/12/2018 12
2016 12 450 229 EUR 19 474 371 EUR 31/12/2016 12

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