Turnover: 450 million EUR (2019)

Country: France

Saint Michel Biscuits was founded in France in 1905 by the Grellier family as a traditional bakery and patisserie, but it was in 1919 that the famous modern cookie factory was inaugurated. At the time, the company specialized in the production of galettes bretonnes. Today, the family business has remained independent but has grown considerably. It makes different types of galettes and palets bretons, shortbread, palmiers, cocottes and more. In 2018, the company invested 6 million euros to increase its export capacity, since aquarter of its products are exported . The family-owned group has doubled its sales through acquisitions in 10 years, and the brand is currently ranked 6th among France's favorite brands.


A Guingamp, la biscuiterie Saint-Michel s'agrandit au bord de la RN12 14/04/2023

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