Turnover: 137 million EUR (2020)

Country: France

Poulain is a French company specializing in the manufacture of chocolate.

Founded in 1848 by Victor-Auguste Poulain, it is one of the oldest chocolate brands in France.

Today, Poulain is part of the Carambar & Co group, which continues to perpetuate the brand's heritage while adapting its offering to modern consumer expectations.

Poulain remains an essential reference in the world of chocolate in France, associated with tradition, authentic taste and indulgence.


Good prospects for Poulain 13/09/2022

  • Poulain (Carambar&Co) is a company located in Blois.
  • The company was founded in 1848.
  • It had 1,200 employees in 1968, but experienced difficulties in the 2000s.
  • The company was acquired in 2018 by Eurazeo, a French investment fund.
  • It now has 150 employees at the Villebarou site.
  • These employees have produced 35,000 tonnes of tablets and powders.
  • In addition to its own production, the company produces liquid chocolate for its Strasbourg plant and manufactures private label.

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