Turnover: 6.4 billion EUR (2020)

Country: France

  • Pari mutuel urbain (PMU) is an economic interest group founded in 1931.
  • Comprising 60 racing companies, it is Europe's leading horse betting operator and one of the world's leading mutual betting companies in terms of sales.
  • Originally specializing exclusively in horse betting, the group diversified into sports betting and online poker in 2010.
  • Online sports betting accounted for 6% of PMU's bets in 2017.
  • PMU sports bets can be placed via its extensive network of sales outlets (relais tabac, brasseries, restaurants, etc.) and via the Pmu.fr website.
  • It is one of the leading online poker rooms in France, behind Pokerstars and Winamax.


PMU reverses negative trend in horse betting 08/02/2024

  • - PMU achieved revenues of 10.007 billion euros in 2023
  • - The volume of horse stakes rose by 2% to 9.3 billion euros, reaching its highest level since 2013.
  • - The point-of-sale network recorded an increase in stakes of over 1%, to 6.9 billion euros.
  • - Internet betting increased by 5%.
  • - International stakes rose by 2% to 1.5 billion euros.
  • - PMU to open around 1,000 new sales outlets by 2023
  • - PMU recently opened its 14,000th point of sale.
  • - PMU's net profit for 2023, which will be paid in full to the horse racing industry, is 835 million euros.
  • - Internet sports betting and poker generated €650 million in stakes in 2023.

Riots: PMU and Française des Jeux help tobacconists 10/07/2023

  • 483 tobacconists were affected by the violence, half of them in the Paris region.
  • 58 establishments were completely destroyed.
  • The cost of the damage is estimated at between 15 and 20 million euros.
  • More than 240 PMU outlets were vandalized or destroyed, and 1,000 PMU machines were taken out of service.
  • PMU's loss of business is estimated at several tens of millions of euros until the end of the year.
  • Nearly 400 Française des Jeux (FDJ) sales outlets were affected by the riots, of which only 150 were able to resume business.
  • FDJ has a €15 million "rebound fund" to help restore damaged outlets.

PMU successfully sells NFT and confirms its Web3 ambitions 31/03/2023

  • 6,666: number of NFT sold at project launch.
  • 99 euros: unit price of an NFT.
  • 5,000: number of NFTs made available during the first drop.
  • 1,500: number of NFTs sold in two minutes during the first drop.
  • 30,000: number of active Stables community members.
  • 60%: percentage of international members in the community.
  • 1 million: number of new customers PMU expects to reach thanks to the strategic plan including Stables.
  • 2,000: number of bets PMU can process per second.

PMU enters the NFT race 21/01/2023

  • PMU opens stalls to virtual horses.
  • The horse betting operator has launched the first stage of its "Stables" project
  • a virtual game based on the acquisition and exchange of NFTs in the likeness of real racehorses.

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