Turnover: 5 million EUR (2022)

Country: France

Founded in 2019 by Nicolas Cruaud, Clément Bénassy and William Cruaud

Néolithe has 200 employees.

Specializing in the efficient treatment of non-recyclable waste using Accelerated Fossilization.


Neolithe raises €60 million for its fossilizers 06/12/2023

  • Néolithe recently raised €60 million; last year, the company raised €20 million.
  • It was founded in 2019. The company has installed a machine capable of processing over 10,000 tons of waste a year.
  • It plans to upgrade to treatment units ten times larger, capable of processing around 100,000 tons a year.
  • The company has almost 200 employees.
  • The company focuses on the development of processes for the treatment of residual household waste.
  • Néolithe products are certified for non-structural concrete.

Neolithe transforms waste into building materials 06/12/2023

  • Néolithe has raised 60 million euros from private and bank investors, including Crédit Mutuel Impact, Otium Capital, Tivoli Capital Investment and RGreen Invest.
  • In four years, Néolithe has raised a total of 83 million euros.
  • The start-up tackles the recycling of non-recyclable waste, which is usually landfilled or incinerated, generating greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Using accelerated fossilization to treat all the waste generated in France each year could reduce the country's carbon footprint by 7%, all industries combined.
  • Each "fossilizer" plant deployed by Néolithe should be capable of processing 10,000 tonnes of waste per year.
  • The main challenge for Néolithe and similar companies is the collection of this waste.

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