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Country: France

Natixis Wealth Management is part of the BPCE group and specializes in wealth management. It employs 474 people and has around 30.4 billion euros in assets under management. The company operates in France and Luxembourg. Natixis Wealth Management offers advisory and financial management services, as well as tailor-made solutions for its customers.

june 3, 2020 - Interview with Audrey Koenig, Deputy Managing Director at Natixis Wealth Management - source(Décideurs Magazine)

  • 2019 was a good year for Natixis Wealth Management
  • With the health crisis, A. Koenig stresses the importance of diversifying investments
  • Natixis develops partnerships with companies specializing in private equity to satisfy their clients, who are increasingly interested in this field

february 1, 2021 - Natixis invests in quality business models - source(Zonebourse)

  • Against a backdrop of dollar weakness, Natixis favors emerging Asian equities
  • Growing interest in the digital economy, energy transition and M&A sectors

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