Turnover: 40 million EUR (2018)

Country: Germany

After a year of R&D, German company Lillydoo launched its diapers on the market in 2016. The company sells its diapers directly over the Internet, and offers customers the option of creating their own box in which they choose the size (the number of diapers depends on the size), the desired pattern on the diaper, and the delivery schedule (every 4, 5 or 6 weeks). Wipes can also be added. Excluding discounts, the price is €72.

Like many companies in the "box" segment, it is possible to request a trial kit to test the product.

The company is banking on both the ease of Internet sales and the quality of its products. They have created a "100% fair trade" diaper that limits the use of potentially harmful products. The diapers are made in Europe.

Source : Company website

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