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Country: France

  • Les Nouveaux Ateliers is a bespoke menswear company founded in Paris in 2011.
  • Elegant, personalized clothing for men of all sizes and styles.
  • The company specializes in the creation of made-to-measure suits, coats, shirts, jeans, pants, chinos and more.
  • Thanks to their exclusive 3D technology, every customer benefits from fast, accurate measurements
  • The company works with some of the finest drapers and garment makers in France and Europe
  • Six boutiques in the Paris region


Frédéric Rensonnet focuses on made-to-measure at Les Nouveaux Ateliers 14/05/2023

  • Record year 2023 with 300,000 weddings expected
  • Sixth Les Nouveaux Ateliers boutique opens in Paris
  • Business suits represent 70% of Les Nouveaux Ateliers activity
  • 20 employees at Les Nouveaux Ateliers
  • 30% growth forecast for 2023, similar to the previous year
  • Relocation of garment manufacturing from China to Portugal
  • Reduction in number of sales outlets from 27
  • 3D measuring cabin integrated into sales outlets
  • Objective of becoming the leading national player in made-to-measure within three years.

The new workshops: Frédéric Rensonnet believes in made-to-measure clothing 13/05/2023

  • Number of unions expected in 2023: 300,000.
  • Share of the business suit market in the company's activity: 70%.
  • Number of employees: 20.
  • Opening of a sixth boutique in Paris.
  • Choice of over 3,000 flannels, cashmeres, linens and silks.
  • Expected growth by 2023: 30%.
  • Company founded in 2011.

Le Rêve du Costume Sur-Mesure with Les Nouveaux Ateliers 24/11/2022

  • Since 2020, the brand has also offered made-to-measure shirts, pants and coats.
  • The suits are made in Portugal in a workshop renowned for its expertise.
  • More than 9,000 different fabrics are available to personalize the suit.
  • The company uses 3D technology to take over 200 measurements in a matter of seconds.
  • The production of a made-to-measure suit takes around 5 weeks.
  • Alterations, if necessary, are carried out within a few days.

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