Turnover: 85.821 million EUR (2019)

Country: Italy

La Perla is an Italian luxury lifestyle company owned by German entrepreneur Lars Windhorst through the Sapinda Group.

The company was historically a lingerie brand, La Perla, before expanding to offer beachwear, sleepwear, bags, shoes and ready-to-wear.

Founded by dressmaker Ada Masotti in Bologna in 1954, La Perla is one of the few historic fashion houses founded by a woman

La Perla's current creative director is Julia Haart, who worked on accessory collaborations with the brand before her appointment in 2016.


La Perla: a luxury investor interested in acquisition 25/03/2024

  • The receipt of an expression of interest from an investor engaged in the acquisition and management of unique European assets in the luxury and lifestyle sector.
  • The commissioners involved are Gianluca Giorgi, Francesco Paolo Bello and Francesca Pace.
  • The parties of interest specified in the report are La Perla Manufacturing, La Perla Global Management Uk and La Perla Italia.
  • The procedure is informed of the existence of interlocutions and evaluations by parties interested in the acquisition of the entities mentioned above.

Commissioners, there are prospects of recovery for La Perla 22/03/2024

  • **Status of Insolvency:** La Perla Manufacturing, part of a Bologna-based luxury lingerie group, is in a state of insolvency.
  • **Recovery Prospects:** Despite the current financial condition, judicial commissioners believe that there are appreciable prospects for recovery through admission to receivership.
  • **Restart of Production Activity:** It is reasonable to assume a resumption of production activity, albeit at a reduced pace and volume of orders compared to the past.
  • **Maintenance of Employment Levels:** A crucial objective is to ensure the maintenance of employment levels through business continuity.
  • **Preservation of Intangible Assets:** Stresses the importance of preserving the wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over the years.
  • **Company Structure Reconfiguration:** Admission to the extraordinary administration procedure could facilitate the recovery of company assets, reinternalization and enhancement of company resources.

Financial Data

DUNS: 400639290



Number of employees: Entre 20 et 49 salariés (2018)

Capital: 1 577 889 EUR

Financial Data:

Year Turnover (€) Net Profit (€) Fiscal Year End Fiscal Year Duration
2018 18 629 779 EUR -394 439 EUR 31/12/2018 12
2017 29 079 512 EUR -152 319 EUR 31/12/2017 12
2016 23 617 273 EUR -279 540 EUR 31/12/2016 12
2015 19 804 281 EUR -276 876 EUR 31/12/2015 12

Company Managers:

Position First Name Last Name Age Linkedin
Gérant Paolo Barbieri 61

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