Turnover: 31.185 billion EUR (2020)

Country: France

A public bank created in 2006, it is the legacy of La Poste's financial services (Efiposte) and belongs to La Poste group.

In 2017, La Banque Postale managed the bank accounts of 10.5 million active customers and 400,000 corporate customers (notably associations) and local public sector players . It offers all the services of a traditional bank: management of bank accounts and credit cards such as the national blue card, VISA and MASTERCARD, savings and investments, home loans, consumer credit, insurance and provident funds. It was granted the mission of accessibility to banking by the law of modernization of the economy in 2008.

As the bearer of a social project, it offers personal microcredit, consumer credit and, since 2015, an electronic wallet. It is the only bank to offer a reloadable prepaid card that is separate from a bank account.


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