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Country: United States

  • Jasper is a generative AI platform for businesses, founded by Dave Rogenmoser, CEO of Jasper in Austin, Texas.
  • It helps corporate teams create content that retains each company's personality and brand identity
  • It enables companies to personalize their AI-powered content.
  • The AI engine relies on linguistic models that integrate a company's information and characteristics, generating content that is easily identified and recognized by customers.
  • The engine takes into account three pillars of corporate identity:
    • Knowledge of the company's products and services, its sector and target market
    • General characteristics of the company and its brand
    • Style, rules of writing, grammar and punctuation commonly used by the company
  • 49 / month 50,000 words
  • 82 / month 100,000 words
  • 232 / month 300,000 words
  • 500 / month 700,000 words

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